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Welcome to the Eternal Champion Guild's webpage!

Eternal Champion
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Guild Founder: Noble-Knight
Approx. Population: 7
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):


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The battles have been fought. The Courage has been proven. Now is the time for rest and the telling of grand tales around ye ol camp-fire. The Eternal Champion guild is a Rescue Camp only guild, a place where Knights who have fought valiantly in the Clockworks can come and recount their adventures and stories with friends and pod hatchlings who have just arrived from the crash site. Tales of inspiration and Glory await. Our battles should inspire the pod hatchlings to grow as Knights and to become as great as they can be.

Now is the time to be an Eternal Champion. A Knight can reach this status by creating a character which will post up and stay in Rescue Camp. An Eternal Champion has a goal of wearing 5* equipment around the Rescue Camp, to help inspire the newbies and to show a little of what awaits them in their forthcoming adventures. A true Eternal Champion does not buy his 5* equipment in Haven and then unbind and mail it to their Rescue Camp character, but rather, mails only recipes, materials and crowns if neccessary. They will then earn their heat and craft their 5* equipment by doing runs in the Training Mission, either solo, or with the newbies. It is not an easy road, but neither is being an Eternal Champion. Hope to see you around the camp-fire and hear of your many adventures deep within the Clockworks and here on Cradle.

If you feel you are ready to take this game to the next level and become an Eternal Champion, post up a message on our Guild Recruitment thread in the Spiral Knight's Forums.

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