Eternal Legacy (Guild)

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Eternal Legacy
GuildLogo-Eternal Legacy.png

Our legacy is eternal.

Guild Founder: Egoblaster
Approx. Population: 120+
Guild Master(s):
  • Egoblaster
  • Frostyhawk
  • Skyrazer
  • Crusherjoe
  • Chaosknightblaze
  • Evilnut
Guild Officer(s):
  • Bladestormy
  • Defiance
  • Hizzyloca
  • Huntressor
  • Invinc
  • Jqsnon-Gold
  • Nowaru
  • Phantomsta
  • Sgtbrown
  • Sprunket
  • Usaada
  • Smileyface
  • Xyloid

Eternal Legacy - "A hidden gem!"


- After a long night of partying! don't watch if you're a kid! -
  • 1. Do not partake in any activity in-game that might bring our guild name into disrepute. Such activities include scamming, spamming, trolling, bullying, harassing or otherwise irritating other players (sending numerous unsolicited trade-requests counts).
  • 2. We encourage our members to help one-another in game, particularly with teaching new members how to acquire items they might need during game play. Do not expect to receive mats, ce, crowns etc. from other guild members. It is up to each individual member whether or not to give these things. It is considered good etiquette to only ask for what you need in the way of materials (as senior members usually carry allot). Many players take insult to being asked for crowns or ce (we are all gamers trying to play our game) however, if your a short a minute value some members may provide. The more everyone puts into the guild, the more others will recognize our efforts and be willing to help other members when needed.
  • 3. When on a run or PvP, do not repeatedly invite other guild members. One invite is enough. More than this is considered spamming.
  • 4. If you expect to be away from the game for any extended period of time, you must contact a Guild Master or Officer to let them know (otherwise you may be removed from the guild for inactivity).
  • 5 If you wish to leave the guild, please talk to Egoblaster first and explain your reasons. We dont wish to hold you back, but if your leaving we have a right to know why.

Guild Ranks

Promotions will be based on activity, performance, and how well you get along with the guild.

Recruits: When you first join your rank will be recruit. Everyone starts with this rank.

Member: After proving yourself by being active in guild activities and registering on our website you will be promoted to the "Member" rank.

Veteran: The seniors of the guild who have proven themselves to be both skilled, loyal, and have passed our veterans test.

Officers: Long time loyal members of the guild who have been trusted to be in charge. The ability to communicate with the guild effectively is essential. There are 2 officers per guild master. If there currently are 3 Guild Masters, there will be 6 Officers selected.

Guild Master: Chosen from the top officers. For every 25 members in the guild, one guild master is chosen. So if there are 100 members in the guild, there will be 4 Guild Masters.


We are open to recruitment! If you would like to join, please contact a GM or Officer in-game, thank you.

Guild Rooster

Please Use Our website Clickity Here To be informed of all of our news and guild meetings.

Veterans Test

The Veterans Test is a test given to our members who wish to prove themselves in skill and valor. To complete this test, our Member has to SOLO depth 25 Firestorm citadel with 2 officers/Gm's watching him. The Member has to complete every room without dying and put every sprite in the fountain. If a Member dies during the Veterans Test, He can Redo the rooms in which he failed the next day or later, After 3 tries, the member has to take a 30 day cooling period during which he cannot re-apply to do the veterans test, After this cooling period, he has to redo the entire test.


Coming soon!

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