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"Hatred is gained as much by good works, as by evil."

Guild Founder: The-Devil-Himself
Approx. Population: 80

About Us

Evilguildicon.png From all corners of the world we come, each seeking the same objectives: challenge, competition, and reward. Here, we work together and collaborate to ensure all active working members have the best possible experience, while getting the chance to flourish and learn from some of the more seasoned Veterans and Officers. For further news and updates, check out our Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/evil-guild

The Five Tenets

  • Causing dissension among the ranks is viewed with zero tolerance. We are a family.
  • Materials are a privilege. They are not a right to you, so be modest.
  • To ask for help is fine. To beg for help is weak.
  • Never let your brothers or sisters go exploring alone. If asked, assist them.
  • Don't grief other Guilds. Keep it in Lock Down.


Evilguildicon.png Champion and Vanguard knights whose gear favors more of the "dark" style with a considerable prestige should seek out any of the five listed Officers, or one of the Guild Masters.


Evilguildicon.png Following a three day Recruit trial basis, you will be promoted to a full Member.
Actions, adherence to The Five Tenets, and time of service will be taken into consideration when choosing new Veterans from any existing Members seeking advancement.
New Officers will be chosen by a joint decision of the Guild Master and existing Officers currently in service. Actions, adherence to The Five Tenets, and time of service will be taken into consideration.


Evilguildicon.png Those who are inactive for over 1 month shall be removed from the guild, so please stay active. If you are going on a long term vacation or are unable to be active for a long period of time, please inform us.

Guild Registry

Evilguildicon.png Our current Guild Registry hold ranks of 80+ and growing. As we are constantly searching for new talent and enduring the daily trials of The Clockworks, this list is subject to change.

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