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Fabio's Fan Club

Fabio is love. Fabio is life.

Fabio is God. 

We worship Fabio, the gay, transgendered potted plant.
Fabio was born in the halls of Valhalla where he was raised by Thor. By the time he set out on his own, he met Lola, his gay, transgendered potted plant/Snaroblox partner. After several years of love and Snarbloxing, Fabio and Lola gave birth to Waddles, the Snaroblox. Fabio is a female to male, transgender plant.

"Fabio has been to the depths of hell where he fought off the three headed Cerberus, this atrocious beast singed Fabio turning him a red colour and this is why to this day he had red leaves because of Cerberus losing his temper." -Scottish-Rage

Lola, Fabio's Partner

Lola is Fabio's partner, a male to female, transgender potted plant. She is one of the many green potted plants in the guild. What makes Lola unique, however, is that when she is upset or triggered, she turns into a Snarblox. When Lola transforms, she becomes unnaturally angry and must be calmed down by the bell found in the mission, Shadow of the Beast. She is very akin to the Hulk in the transformation process, but more easily triggered. Lola is very sensitive. The first time she discovered that she could transform, was due to an ant crawling on one of her leaves.

Waddles, Fabio's Child

Fabio and Lola gave birth to Waddles in a manger. Waddles is much like Lola in his transformation abilities, but, he only transforms when super excited and unlike his mother, he doesn't become angry, instead he just becomes adorably chibi and baby like. Waddles is androgynous and nobody knows their true gender. However, for simplicity sake, Waddles uses he pronouns, though he doesn't mind she pronouns either.

To Join

Fabio's Fan Club is a guild open to everyone, regardless of level, so long as they are ready to accept Fabio as their savior. The only rule is to not be a douche.

People of Interest in Fabio's Religion

Scottish-Rage- Fabio's high priest. Scottish-Rage speaks with Fabio and conveys his commands.
Zembiez- Senpai to the Fabio Fan Club guild. He is not a part of the guild but has been adopted as senpai.
Inugirl- Fabio's first follower.
Nyhkaan- Fabio's second follower.


Current Guild Contest

Inugirl is hosting a guild contest. Prize- 10k, may become 25k if 100 points are earned among all members.
Guild room that may be decorated/named as liked. (Funds must be provided to decorate room, we do not buy the furniture)

To enter, you must obtain points. Points are obtained in a variety of ways.
Send someone to Inugirl to be recruited- 5 points
Donate 1k to the guild- 1 point
Help newer players on their missions with a GM around to see- 3 points
Be active in the chat with a GM around to see- 1 point
Provide art for Wiki page (Quality does not matter)- 5 points
Explain things to players/be overall helpful with GM around to see- 2 points

Guild masters Inugirl, Scottish-Rage, and Nykhaan may award you points. Once your points are awarded, they will be updated to this page.
The person with the highest amount of points will be allowed to pick their prize first.
The person with the second highest amount of points will be allowed to pick their prize second.

Contest will end of the 30th of June.
Please contact Inugirl if you have any questions.

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