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Fallen Legends
GuildLogo-Fallen Legends.fallen legends.png


Guild Founder: Greenlight-Terror
Approx. Population: 38
Guild Master(s):
  • Greenlight-Terror
Guild Officer(s):
  • Jumala (Battle Officer)
  • Psysho-Soldier (Recruitment Officer)
Website: http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Fallen_Legends_(Guild)

+About Us+

We're a friendly and active guild that aims to have help its members in any way we can. Feel free to talk to any members, whether they be the Guild Master or just Recruits, and see what they think about the guild! Anyone who is willing to be an active member is encouraged to join!

Wanna Join?

We're currently recruiting Tier 2 and 3 players. Just contact an Officer or Guild Master for a quick interview. :)

Interview, you say?

Guild Code Of Conduct

  • Be as active as you can.
  • Be respectful to fellow guild members and all fellow players alike.
  • No begging, please. Not to guild members, and not to anyone else. It's not cool.
  • Don't do things that would give the guild a bad name.
  • Try not to spam the guild chat.
  • Try and make friends with each other.
  • Be honest and don't take advantage of the help you receive from others.
  • Pay back what you borrow.
  • Always try to help and support the guild and its members.
  • Respect those ranked above you.
  • Just be a good and active member!

If you don't follow guild rules, or are generally just a nuisance to other members, it can result in demotion or expulsion from the guild. Just try and be nice. :)

Little (Important) Things To Keep In Mind

Ranking System

  • Recruit - Everyone starts here. Gotta prove yourself to move up. Be active!
  • Member - Be active and try to prove yourself by referring new Recruits to Officers or doing runs with other members. You never know who may recommend you.
  • Veteran - Prove yourself even further by demonstrating both leadership skills and abilities. Be noted for trying to help others when they need it and for being reliable/responsible. Have a good amount of experience with runs and be available to help those below you in rank whenever necessary. Also, a good amount of combat skill never hurts. ;)
  • Officer - Select few members who display trustworthiness and leadership skill. If you want to become an Officer, you must display a great enthusiasm for the guild, helping in any way you possibly can. You must also prove yourself in combat along-side other Officers and be able to lead a group into the Clockworks when need be. If you have any questions regarding just about anything about the guild ask one of these guys. They'll try their best to help, and if they don't know, they'll put you in the hands of someone who does.
  • Guild Master - This spot is reserved for those Greenlight-Terror thinks are worthy.

If you really want a promotion, all you need to do is prove you deserve it!


  • Help from other guild members.
  • Lots of new friends.
  • Hugs.
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