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Well met soldier, and good work on reaching our base camp here in Haven. I'm Lieutenant Feron. I have been assigned by Captain Ozlo to oversee our Clockworks mining operation.

Before you lies "the Arcade," a fascinating complex that serves as our link into the heart of the Clockworks. Since you're new here, I'll give you a quick run-down of what Spiral HQ has us doing here.
  • Sure sounds important, tell me how it all works.
After the Skylark crashed, its primary tearium core exploded, destroying a portion of the ship and leaving it whitout a main power source. Since so far we haven't found several hundred tons of tearium just lying around, the bird has effectively lost its wings.

With the help of the Strangers, we were able to set up a small base of operations here in Haven. Once we got our systems online, we discovered that within the heart of this rock resonates a power signature of unprecedented magnitude.

  • If we could somehow harness that power...
That's exactly right! The Core of the Clockworks could very well contain the energy source we need to create a new power source for the Skylark and restore it to operational condition. There's only one problem- the Clockworks themselves seem to be build like some kind of crazy death trap.

Reaching the Core is not going to be easy...
  • I'm up to the task!
That's the kind of spirit I like to see. Continue to complete missions for Spiral HQ as they are assigned to you. With your help we stand a chance at reaching the Core and saving Isora.
  • Roger that, Lieutenant.
Then I now authorize you to take on Arcade Missions. You can access the Arcade via your Mission interface or approach the gates directly here in the Arcade itself. There is a massive world beneath your feet waiting to be explored.

Good luck to you!
  • End Conversation
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