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Fluffy Knights
GuildLogo-Fluffy Knights.png

We are the Fluffs and we spread fluffyness.

Guild Founder: Steviepie
Approx. Population: 48
Guild Master(s):
  • Steviepie
Guild Officer(s):
  • Tommy-The-Bob
  • Saberxbro

Welcome to the Fluffy Knight's Wiki Page.


About the guild

Fluffy Knights is a new guild founded by Steviepie. So far, the guild has an 3 expansions and many furnishing. There is not many members yet, but the guild is expanding every day and soon it'll be magnificent.

Guild Rules

1) No begging. Free stuff will be given out when others want to or when contests are held.

2) No whining. Please do not go complaining all day long. It will not help you get what you want.

3) No spamming. Don't spam guild chat or any chat. (You can spam all you want elsewhere.)

4) No harassing. Don't harass others or be disrespectful to them.

5) No annoying. Guild members can be busy. Don't go bothering them when they are.

6) Treat everyone nicely. Do not demote or slander others. Do not ignore lower level players.

7) No demoting the guild. The guild is here to help everyone. Do not go around saying the guild is bad because anyone can join.

8) No begging for ranks. You will be promoted accordingly.

9) Ask for help when needed. Do not ask for help in minor problems like how to get a girl/boy friend in the game.

10) Do not take from others and not give back. All events in guild are kept in record. Greedy ones shall be seek out and terminated.

Guild Benefits

This guild welcomes all, even guild jumpers (There is a 1 hour penalty from rejoining after leaving guild though). There are many benefits depending on your guild rank.

Recruit : Guild chat, access to the guild hall (main), access to guild hall alchemy room, access to guild hall Resting Quarters

Member : Same as recruit plus access to Member's Guild Storage

Veteran : Same as member plus access to design mode, access to Veteran's Guild Storage, access to Mist Well, access to Fluffy Shop, access to Auction House, and access to officer guild chat

Officer : Same as Veteran plus ability to promote and demote to officer, access to birdsong emporium (guild furniture store), access to Officer's Guild Storage, ability to invite, and access to publish mode

Guild Master : Same as officer plus EVERYTHING else

Note : Some benefits may not be up-to-date

How to get promoted

When you join the guild, your guild rank shall be recruit. To be promoted, you must meet the following requirements (There are special circumstances for special people):

Member : At least 7 day in guild or donated at least 1000 crowns, 250 materials, or 1 furniture.

Veteran : At least 7 days as a member, must have donated at least 10,000 crowns to guild along with at least 500 materials and at least 1 furniture, must be a member rank beforehand, must get the trust of the guild master and other officer ranks (Veteran, Officer, Guild master).

Officer : At least 14 days as a Veteran, must have donated at least 50,000 crowns to guild along with at least 1000 materials and 10 furniture, must be a good treasurer, must understand the rules of the guild clearly, must receive praise from all other officer ranks. Must have not broken more than 5 guild rules in the past. Must be Vanguard ranked.

Guild master : Must be officer rank for at least 1 month, must be very close to Steviepie, must have donated at least 1 million crowns to guild along with at least 25 furniture and 2500 materials, must be praised unbelievably by other officer ranks, must be loved by guild members, must have experience as a guild master. Must have bribed Steviepie unbelievably well. Must have not broken more than 3 guild rules in the past.

Note : IF you meet the requirements to be promoted, contact Steviepie if you have not yet been promoted. Otherwise, you might not be promoted until Steviepie does a complete guild check.

Note : The above requirements are for those that want fast promotion through spending lots of money, do not attempt unless you feel reckless.

WARNING : IF you are not active for more than two months, you may risk the chance of being demoted or removed from the guild.

The Fluffy Shop (Closed)

Need crowns fast? Got something to sell or trade? Then visit the Fluffy Shop! The Fluffy Shop is located inside the guild hall of Fluffy Knights. It is open some times when any of the veteran ranked or higher is online, and most of the time when Steviepie is online. Got crowns to spend? The Fluffy Shop sells as well! We sell lots of items! (Items sold based on stock and price)

Want to be hired to work for the Fluffy Shop? You might just be the person Steviepie is looking for! Contact Steviepie with the following format :

Note : You do not have to be in the guild to work for the shop.


The following are categories of current voting promotion events and details :

How to join

To join the guild, send a mail (message) to Steviepie (Guild master) or contact any of the guild members and ask them to recommend you to Steviepie. You may also contact Tommy-the-Bob (Officer) to add you.

Join Fluffy Knights in Spiral Knights today! :)

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