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Guild Founder: Robotgobott
Approx. Population: 70

Guild Officer(s):
  • Boodaloo
  • Skyhooks
  • Maverick-Ua
  • Majiztix
  • Spinline
  • Samyxy
  • Chebum
  • Burnintreez
  • Horme

About Us

Freedom is a newly founded guild by Robotgobott. We have around 50 members at the moment and are still recruiting. We are a free, nice and kind guild consisting of lots of very entertaining and fun guild mates. We do not like fights so if someone is having an argument do not use any rude or mean words just work out the problem calmly.


Respect others-be nice to your guildies.

Dont spam chat.

Dont ask for promotions, they will be given to you.

Guild masters have the final say.

Act as a guild, as we are one.


Any players willing to join just ask one of us and we will give it a thought. Preferebly T3 players but some T2 are welcome.

Guild Master: Loyalty and kindness, Robotgobott will decide this.

Officer: See above.

Veteran: Respected members, have to be active.

Member: When you join you will automatically be promoted to a member.

Recruit: The only way you could be is if you were demoted.

You can be demoted by:

Bad use of language.


Being mean and nasty.

We do not like to demote people but we will if we have to.

--Juelz225 05:51, 20 March 2012 (UTC) Swordslice

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