Gods Of Justice (Guild)

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Gods Of Justice
Founders: Robertsno
Officers: Ruben-Is-Thebest, Carpric, Distructo, Ladyfingers, Mrganx, Pinacho
Manager: Knighttheterrorist
Approximate population: ~70
Alive since: December 2012
Website: http://www.godsofjustice.net63.net

Minimum requirements

Join a guild (rank: recruit)

At least one 4★ equipment.

Rank: Member

4★ armor, helmet, shield, and weapon.

Rank: Veteran (trusted)

At least one 5★ equipment, and others 4★.

Rank: Officer (trusted)

5★ armor, helmet, shield, and weapon.

Rank objectives

We require our players to do something, other words avoid getting bored ;) We won't blame you if you do objectives of higher ranking ;) NOTE: When you're promoted higher than you was previously, you should keep doing objectives up to your rank. For example: If you are veteran, you will need to do objectives of member, and veteran. If you are officer, you will need to do objectives of member, veteran, and officer.

Rank: Member

  • Help guild mates as much as you can.
  • Communicate with guild mates; greet new players and answer (their) questions.
  • Do not beg too much or steal too much from guild hall (console) storage.

Rank: Veteran (trusted)

  • Be active/online player.
  • Donate at least once a week in guild hall (console) treasury for guild upkeep.

Rank: Officer (trusted)

  • Check out guild hall (console) log at least once a day.
  • Take care about inactive guild mates; if you are too inactive you may get kicked out.

Rank: Guild master (trusted)

  • Make sure everybody does objectives correctly.

Official rules

  1. Be polite.
  2. Respect guild mates.
  3. Do not spam guild chat.
  4. Avoid flaming guild mates; you will get kicked out, and may be reported and/or ignored.
  5. Play fair, and enjoy your stay!
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