Grundel Warriors (Guild)

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Grundel Warriors
GuildLogo-Grundel Warriors.png

"Wash your grundel"

Guild Founder: Mditchman
Approx. Population: 40

Who we are

Grundel Warriors is a relatively small guild of players who value loyalty and are known to play the odd game of Lockdown.

What we do

  • Lockdown - GvG & random matches
  • Clockworks challenges
    • Successfully completed runs:
      • FSC - Individual runs using only: keyboard, swords, bombs, guns, Valiance, Cutter line. Proto shield/armor
      • Jelly King - pure piercing weapons only, Argent Peacemaker only, shieldless, 2* Blaster only
      • Roarmulus Twins - pure piercing weapons only, bombs only (pre and post-shard nerf), shieldless, blitz needle only, Proto only (no vitas)
      • Snarbolax - proto only (no vitas)
  • Shadow Lair runs
  • Any and all bosses

The Crew


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