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It's a guild.

Guild Founder: Biznasty
Approx. Population: 0

Guild is... a guild. Y'know, a guild.

About Us

We try to follow and represent a standard. A guild should act like a true guild, a family. Members should get along with each other, and if they don't, at least respect each other enough to simply put the other on ignore for the sake of the guild. A member must be willing to help another with whatever problems they may face, whether is be an issue in game or beyond.

But most importantly, a leader of a guild should be aware that he represents the guild just as much as any member. A leader cannot simply vanish without a word, a leader can't engage in petty squabbles or ever involve himself personally in a fight between guildmates, but instead moderate it in an unbiased and objective manner. And a leader must be just, mature, and fair.

The greatest quality of Guild is a simple thing that many people do not understand; that we simply act as a guild.

And that is why we are Guild.

We have no particular aim within the game, other than to simply have fun. Having gained a big name, popularity, power, or anything from our time around, has simply been a fun little bonus.

We run a little bit of everything; Clockwork runs or missions, usually FSC or RJP, but not always, are the most common. Several members still play Lockdown or Shadow Lairs now and then, although for Lockdown, we do not have much interest in competitive guild play anymore.

Often we just hang out in Haven and have some silly fun.

But basically, disregarding whatever you might have heard about us, in the end, we're simply here for fun.


We were originally established as a guild of friends, after a discussion of hating how most guilds had noobs, generally bad guild management, and vanishing guild leaders, sometime in February. Seems like we made a bit too many friends!

At the official release of the game, we decided to open recruitment for the public, with a rather strict filter for mature and reasonable players.

We eventually got quite a bit popularity from Magnus' videos, and his and other members' general presence around the community and forums. Some people would think because of that popularity and all, we're incredibly elitist, some even saying we're just a Magnus fanclub or something. That is quite the contrary, however; Fanboying and elitism are two of the things we dislike the most around here. We do have a lot of respect for eachother, but remember, that's something else!

Around the Lockdown era, we participated a lot on GvG in the first few weeks, usually coming out unchallenged, but not without a few "fearsome enemies". As of now, we're no longer active in Lockdown GvG, as most of us do not hold any more interest in such competitive play within such. Perhaps in future PvP modes, we'll show up again.

Some would say we have a thing with Knightmare, a rivalry, but that's just a silly assumption. We're completely fine with other guilds; Sometimes we do talk a bit about them between ourselves, but this whole "rivalry" thing that ended up happening is pretty silly overall, and no guilds are truly related to it.

We were perhaps one of the first to clear out Shadow Lairs as they were released, and craft their items. Nowadays, we do not run them as much anymore, although several of us are experienced and still enjoy running them.

On May 1st, a game called TERA Online came out and claimed many of our members, including all of the officers and both guild masters.


Status: Closed for good.

Guild Member Roster & History

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