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About our Guild

Like any good Guild in the Spiral Order, Gun Runners is dedicated to the exploration of the Clockworks. Friends and family come before fame and fortune, and these come before everything else.

As a Gun Runner, you help others and get helped yourself. This is deffinitley the golden rule of our guild. Due to this, a good behavior is a must to be considered a true member of the Guild. The Gun Runners guild will not be tarnished by poor behavior, and this may result in punishment. It may seem imposing, but no-one, not even our foes, deserves to be improperly treated.


The quickest way to get into our Guild is to meet one of our higher officers and prove your abilities as a person and as a knight. You can also contact known members of the Guild to recommend you to an officer. None of these ways are ever a guarantee, so be weary and honorable.

Clockworks Runs

The most common run in the guild is the Jelly King run. It is efficient and can be performed to aid newer Knights in the Order learn and practice in the Clockworks. Ironclaw Munitions Factory and Firestorm Citadel runs are also available, but less common. Most boss runs are used through Missions to minimise the amount of time required.

--Kanbisushi 22:34, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

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