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Currently you can indicate the languages you speak by using templates on your User:<name> page. There are different levels to indicate your fluency in each language. Adding the templates to your user page will add your name to the appropriate language categories. More language templates can be added as the need arises.

These templates are based on Wikipedia's user language templates

To participate, add the template to you user page by following these instructions:

  • Start off with {{Language-
  • Then add the number of language templates you want to display, followed by |
    • e.g. {{Language-3| for three languages
  • Next add one of the following codes for each language you speak, separated by |, where xx is the YPPedia code for the language:
    • xx-1 for basic command (the ability to understand the language well enough to use an article as a source for writings in one's own language and to ask or answer simple questions)
    • xx-2 ability to modify articles and to participate in discussions
    • xx-3 for advanced or fluent understanding (the ability to write articles in this language without difficulties, minor errors may occur)
    • xx-4 if you have a grasp of the language comparable to a native speaker, but are not a native speaker
    • xx if you're a native speaker
  • Then finish by adding closing braces: }}

So, for example, {{Language-2|en|de-1}} would indicate a native speaker of English with basic knowledge of German. {{Language-4|de|en-3|fr-2|es-1}} would indicate a native speaker of German with an advanced knowledge of English, an intermediate knowledge of French, and a basic knowledge of Spanish.

You can also add stand-alone language templates by following the {{User xx-1}} format.

These templates add you to the category associated with your level of understanding, and to the overall category for that language.

To find someone who speaks a particular language, see user languages, and follow the links. The two and three letter codes are taken from ISO 639.

ar - العربية (Arabic)

Category: user ar

bg - Български (Bulgarian)

Category: user bg

cz - Česky (Czech)

Category: user cz

da - Dansk (Danish)

Category: user da

de - Deutsch (German)

Category: user de

en - English (English)

Category: user en

es - Español (Spanish)

Category: user es

fi - Suomi (Finnish)

Category: user fi

fr - Français (French)

Category: user fr

ga - Gaeilge (Irish)

Category: user ga

hr - Hrvatski (Croatian)

Category: user hr

it - Italiano (Italian)

Category: user it

ja - 日本語 (Japanese)

Category: user ja

nl - Nederlands (Dutch)

Category: user nl

no - Norsk (Norwegian)

Category: user no

pl - Polski (Polish)

Category: user pl

pt - Português (Portuguese)

Category: user pt

ru - Русский (Russian)

Category: user ru

sv - Svenska (Swedish)

Category: user sv

tl - Tagalog (Filipino)

Category: user tl

vi - Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Category: user vi

zh - 中文 (Chinese)

Category: user zh

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