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There are several kinds of links that can be put on a Spiral Knights wiki pages.

  • For normal wiki links to articles: [[article name]] i.e. sword
    • If you want to link to an article from a word with additional letters: [[article name]]s i.e. swords
  • For phrases linked to wiki articles: [[article name|linked phrase]] i.e. those dangerous sharp objects
  • For links to Wikipedia or Wikicities instead of a SK wiki link use: [[Wikipedia:article name]] name or [[Wikicities:article name]] i.e. Wikipedia:Pirate or Wikicities:FAQ
  • For phrases linked to Wikipedia or Wikicities: [[Wikipedia:article name|linked phrase]] name or [[Wikicities:article name|linked phrase]] i.e. Real Piracy or What's this wiki thing? (this is currently disabled, but will be fixed soon)
  • For footnotes (the automatically numbered variety), we use a template that does the superscripting. See Template:Fn for instructions.
  • For automatic page redirects, place a redirect link as the only content to the article: #REDIRECT [[article name]]

When you want to link to a category rather than having your page included in a category just put : in front of Category like this: [[:Category:Help]] or [[:Category:Help|Help Files]].

Please note that except for the first letter of the first word, the wiki is case sensitive when it comes to multiple word article names.

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