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| name      = {{PAGENAME}} 
| type      = bombORhandgunORsword
| star      = 12345
| damage 1  = 
| damage 2  = 
| abilities = 
| status    =

== Description ==

== Acquisition ==

=== Recipe ===
{{recipe/rarity|X Orb of Alchemy|3}}

=== Alchemy Path ===
{{:MostAncestralNodeItem/alchemy path}}

== Combat ==
=== Basic Attack ===

=== Charge Attack ===

=== Damage ===
{{Damage Disclaimer}}

== Gallery ==
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|name       = {{PAGENAME}}
|type       = bombORhandgunORsword

== Reskins ==
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The following items are a [[Reskin]] of the {{PAGENAME}}:

== Notes ==
History, groupings (sets), allusions, tidbits, bugs

== See Also ==
{{equipment see also}}

=== External Links ===
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{{Note-External Links/Video}}
*[linktovideo whatvideoislikeDemonstration] (videohostingplacelikeYouTube)



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