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Motto: "Accept your inner Yahoo, but aspire to be like Houyhnhnm. In making the effort, you may achieve a balanced life."

Guild Founder: Karhea
Approx. Population: #
Guild Master(s):


  • No second at this time.
Guild Officer(s):

There will be up to seven

  • Officer1
  • Officer2
  • Officer3
  • Officer4
  • Officer5
  • Officer6
  • Officer7
Website: http://www.google.com (Coming soon)

Houyhnhnms (/ˈhuːɪnəm/ or /ˈhwɪnəm/; Swift apparently intended all words of the Houyhnhnm language to echo the neighing of horses)[1] are a race of intelligent horses described in the last part of Jonathan Swift's satirical Gulliver's Travels. Houyhnhnms contrast strongly with the Yahoos, savage humanoid creatures: whereas the Yahoos represent all that is bad about humans, Houyhnhnms have a stable, calm, reliable and rational society. Gulliver much prefers the Houyhnhnms' company to the Yahoos', even though the latter are biologically closer to him. Source: Wikipedia Houyhnhnm

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Guild Origin

- Why did Karhea start this guild?

After speaking with many players, and observing how other guilds were run, Karhea saw that some are good and some are bad. He wanted to try the things that were good, and avoid the things that were bad, and gave that a lot of thought.

Then he decided the only thing that really matters is how people treat each other. Spiral Knights is a game, and anything that gets in the way of good clean fun is foolishness. People come here to play for many different reasons, and no guild should dictate to them how to play. We all just want to hang out with friends and play the game.

Some guilds only care how strong your weapons are, and some do not seem to care about anything at all. Karhea decided to start a guild where it does not matter how strong you are today. You can ask to join, even if you started the game today. He knows that with time and help, anyone can grow stronger. Karhea saw that what matters is how you treat other people, so that all players can have fun, and feel safe to make mistakes. Because learning from mistakes can help you become stronger.

The guild name, Houyhnhnm, is borrowed from the Houyhnhnm encountered by the character, Lemuel Gulliver, in his travels through the book, Gulliver's Travels written by Jonathan Swift. Gulliver learned much about the nature of mankind from the Houyhnhnm, and we take away that any person may aspire to perfection, and any person may also fall short.

"The word Houyhnhnm, in their tongue, signifies a horse and... the perfection of nature." -- Jonathan Swift

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." -- Harriet Tubman

Guild Summary

- What is the purpose of the guild's existence?

This guild was founded on the idea that its members will aspire to be, or to become, good quality players. Being a Good Quality Player is something we expect ourselves and our guild mates to work at. These principles will carry over into other games, and into real life.

The point, is we aspire to become greater than we are, but never forget our humble roots. As we grow stronger, we help those who come after.

There is only one founding guild master, and that is Karhea. Karhea frequently travels, so may appoint a second guild master if he goes on extended leave, but he will always keep an eye on things. Nobody knows how he does it, but he does. Karhea expects each member of this guild to be responsible for their actions, and each member should participate in managing this guild. The rules below are simple, if you take the time to understand them.

Just try to be a Houyhnhnm, not a Yahoo, and you will end up somewhere in the middle. That is good enough.

Guild Members

- Who is in this guild?

Joining, Leaving, and Promotion

- What do I need to know to join?
- What if I want to leave?

Guild Rules

- How is a knight expected to conduct oneself within the guild?

You are expected to strive to behave like a human being. You may fail occasionally, but do not be a failure. Follow what some people call, the golden rule, karma, reciprocity, string theory, etc. Basically, be honorable and be kind. Here are some guidelines to help you understand what Karhea had in mind when he founded this guild.

Guild Maintenance


- What kind of stuff will this guild do?

Grievance Procedure

- What happens when guild members clash?

More about the Houyhnhnm and Gulliver's Travels

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