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Hunters Of Hate
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We are a young but growing guild with a devoted team of Guild masters and Officers.

Guild Founder: AdmiralCobra, Slush-The-Mange
Approx. Population: 9

Guild Officer(s):

Luanah, Johnathanv, Banesgraal


Hunters Of Hate is a guild that believes in a friendly and helpful environment. We have a devoted staff maintaining the guild, while also working on ways to improve it and relations with other guilds. We will be hosting monthly and bi-monthly events. You can contact our Guild Masters every Saturday and Sunday at around 1:00 pm EST.


We use the three strike system. If you break the rules three times, you are demoted to Recruit. If you repeat the offence, after having been demoted to Recruit, you are kicked out of the guild. If you break a rule, but do not break more within two months, your three strikes are reset.

1. Do not put down or insult other players, including people outside of the guild.

2. Do not spend guild funds without a Guild Master’s permission.

3. Do not edit the guild without a Guild Master’s permission.

4. Have fun

Ranking System

Recruit: A trial rank; you have not been fully accepted into the guild.

Member: You have been fully accepted into the guild. In order to achieve this rank you must gain the Guild Masters’ trust. The time it takes depends on the person; it can take between one hour and a week.

Veteran: This rank shows that you have been serving the guild loyally for a long period of time. To get this rank you must have been with the guild for 6 months. (please note that if you leave the guild for another guild at any point and then come back, it is impossible to get this rank)

Officer: This rank can only be achieved by being hand selected by one of the Guild Masters (Please note that there can only be 6 officers at a time, and that being promoted to this rank doesn't require Veteran status).

Guild Master: This is the highest rank only held by the founders of the guild (AdmiralCobra and Slush-The-Mange) it is impossible to get.

Events and Competition Description/Dates

There are currently three events in place at this time. The first is the Clockworks Run, the second is The Treasure Vault and the third is a Coliseum battle.

Clockworks Run: The Clockworks Run is a competition to see who can get through tier 1, 2 or 3 the fastest. The guild is split into teams and divisions (the way divisions work is teams are assigned to tier 1, 2 or 3). They way the guild decides how many teams are in each tier is by how many people in the guild can access each tier (in other words if some people in the guild can only access tier 1 we send 2 teams there and if most of the guild can access tier 2 most of the teams will be there, if only one person can only access tier 1 the guild will still send two teams there). The way a team wins is if they get back first (in order to win your entire team must be at the guild hall). the number of teams that win depends on how many tiers were used (there is a winner for every division). The winning teams receive all of the crowns. Any left over crowns are given to the guild. The Clockworks Run will be held the middle of every month.

Rules For Clockworks Run

1. Do not leave the Clockworks at any time during the competition.

2. Each team must use the same pre-selected gate on advanced difficulty.

3. don't cheat

The Treasure Vault: The Treasure Vault works the same as Clockworks Run with a few differences. instead of the winner being who can go through all of tier 1, 2 or 3 it is who can make the most crowns. before the competition begins the teams tell the Guild Master in charge how many crowns they have all together. Then after the competition they report how many crowns the have. After all of the other teams arrive the winning team is chosen (the first and second place winner in each division get the crowns with the top in each division getting the most). The money is split between the divisions and the team who got second place in each division will get a third of the crowns for that division, and the first place winner will get two thirds. The Treasure Vault will be held the middle of every month.

Rules For The Treasure Vault

Same as for the Clockworks Run with one additional rule,

1. Do not sell anything during the competition

Coliseum Battle

ON HOLD Due to lack of members


Admiralcobra-Guild Master for 3 months

Slush-The-Mange-Guild Master for 3 months

Luanah-Officer for 3 months

Johnathanv-Officer for 2 months

Banesgraal-Member for 2 months

Ebcy-Member for 2 months

King-Quantient-Member for a week

Donation System

The donation system works like this, you can donate as much as you want Whenever you want. The way the reward system works is simply that the Guild Masters reward as they see fit (in other words their is no "System" the Guild Masters simply reward when they feel it is needed).

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