Ice Dragon (Guild)

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Ice Dragon
File:GuildLogo-Ice Dragon.png

We are Ice Dragon!

Guild Founder: Bloodragonknight
Approx. Population: variety
Guild Master(s):

Ice-Spectre, Britshado

Guild Officer(s):


About us

We are a social and friendly guild, we occasionally do lockdown

  • First in command: Ice-Spectre
  • Second in command: Britshado


We are looking for promising people, Any rank is accepted We accept requests to join, but we will also look for the right kind of player.

More Information

After a month of inactivity, you will be kicked UNLESS we know why. Only the Guild Masters can change the MoTD (Message of the Day) and go into design mode.


1. No racism.

2. No swearing or cussing.

3. No asking for promotions.

4. No spamming.

5. No trading in chat. (Ex: WTB or WTS)

6. No talking LIkez tHIz.

7. No begging (Ex. /guild can someone please give me 10000000 crowns???)

How to get Promoted

Member: Be active and social

Veteran: Be trustworthy, contributor, and active

Officer: Be trustful, go on often, add 30,000 crowns (total) to the treasury

Guild Master: Restricted


Guild Master
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