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Im With Stupid
GuildLogo-Im With Stupid.png

If you're not WITH Stupid.... Then you ARE Stupid!!!!!

Guild Founder: Elixeroflife
Approx. Population:  ??? it changes dailiy
Guild Master(s):
  • Elixeroflife

> Elixeroflife: Write down a lengthy but precise summary.

Welcome to the best bunch of people in all of Haven!

Investigate how to join this sweet guild.

To join the guild, PM (/tell) me or send an email in Spiral Knights and I'll add you. And don't forget to invite your friends.
You may also join the Facebook Fan Page
You can ask there to join the guild, or even upload screen shots or videos of your adventures!

Survey/Recite rules.

1. Dont make the guild and its members look bad.
2. This ESPECIALLY includes Begging!.
3. Dont go around Haven, Arcade, Training Hall, Clockworks being rude to others.
4. Do not use any sexually vulgar language with random people

5. Players who are inactive for longer than 3 weeks will be removed as well. Its not a move I want to make but if you are to be in the guild then you need to stay active and participate.
6. As with everything, these rules are subject to change.
7. For my GM's/Officers.... With great power comes great responsibility!

Please dont abuse your position to add your friends and promote them. This could cost you your position in the guild and bring about a full booting. You are absolutely more than welcome to add your friends into the guild, just dont promote them past "Member" Also dont bully other guild members.

8.To get promoted you need to log some game play hours in the clock works with my self or another GM/Officer
If you dont go into the clockworks with me directly, then your promotional status will be considered in a review between me and the ranking GM/Officer you engage game play with.

Now with the new "Missions" available on the game, you can log game play hours with my self (or another GM) doing missions! Or if you like you can invite me or GM to do some missions with a party you lead!

9. PLEASE!!!!! what ever drama you have in your personal life, please keep it out of the game. Players (Inside the guild and out side of it as well) are here to have fun, not sit here and put up with your constant bitching, moaning,complaining and argueing. Please keep your personal problems out of the game.

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