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Immortal Fire
GuildLogo-Immortal Fire.jpg

Like a Phoenix we rise again!

Guild Founder: Divinefire-On
Approx. Population: 70
Guild Master(s):
  • Divinefire-On
  • Deathly-Fire
  • Alperbest
  • Red-Radiant

(This is a new page so things will be added and/or changed as time goes on.)

Hail Knights of Cradle and welcome to Immortal Fire's brand new Wiki page

[Immortal Fire] is a fresh guild devoted to providing a fun and relaxed environment full of companionship to enhance your Spiral Knights gaming experience. We are a 'jack of all trades' guild mildly participating in all of the game's aspects. We pride our selves able to form close, strong, lasting and 'fiery' bonds with our members which is why we dislike mass recruiting.

A Guild's power equals to the power of it's members combined!

Our specialty lies in helping new and/or inexperienced players improve their skills and wallet funds at a faster pace than what is possible by solo playing. We provide help by aiding our members in combat, sharing knowledge to make wise decisions and taking the brave on Vanaduke escort missions where new players can amass a large amount of crowns to expand their gear choices and subsequently their fighting versatility.

How to join

We welcome all knights with a brave heart and a fiery spirit of any rank and experience. If you think you got what it takes feel free to contact any of our gm's and officers. We look forward to our adventures in the ever changing world of Spiral Knights!

Guild Services

✓ Combat Aid (provided by the strong)

✓ Advice (provided by the experienced)

✓ Crowns (provided by Vanaduke escort missions)

✓ Radiant Fire Crystals (provided by dreams&nightmares escort missions)

✓ Pet food and Material support (provided by the guild's storage system)

✓ Raise in pvp ranking (provided by the guild's pvp team *coming soon*)

Guild Policy

• All guild facilities will remain open for players of all ranks (no rank discrimination)

• No forced upkeep will be required to be payed by any of our members (instead focus on personal growth like you would if playing solo)

• Any rank including the rank of the guild master will be able to be acquired by any player determined enough to meet the requirements (info below)

Guild Rules

✘ No excessive begging (asking for help is okay just don't over do it)

✘ Keep swearing to a minimum (again it's okay to swear a little bit, but show respect to other guild members in spite of their rank)

✘ No raiding the guild storage (the guild storage is a system made to help those in need, not those with greed) Raiding the guild storage is a punishable offence that can result up to a permanent ban depending on it's severity!

✘ No abusing of a veteran's, officer's or guild master's authority (any players that abuse their rank's power to damage the guild or it's members will be demoted and possibly expunged from the guild depending on the severity of their actions)

Guild Ranks

Any player that finds personal strength not satisfactory and is ambitious enough to earn a higher standing within the guild's ranking system will find the below information invaluable.

Here is a list of the guild ranks and the requirements for each rank.Please do not ask for promotions to those ranks. If you earn it, you will be promoted when the time comes.

<><> Recruit <><> - The rank everybody will start at after he/she joins the guild.

<><> Member <><> - Recruits that start interacting with the guild and aid it by making their first contribution will be promoted to member.

<><> Veteran <><> Players that are Vanguards (storyline rank), show considerable devotion to the guild and are active, social, aiding the guild's members, storage system, Treasury and the general growth and well being of the guild will find themselves promoted to the rank of Veteran!

<><> Officer <><> Veterans that continue their efforts to aid the guild, will be handpicked by the guild masters as officer candidates. If deemed worthy by the guild masters(short in-game interview required) and prove to be able to handle the responsibilities of an officer then they will be promoted to that rank.

<><> Guild Master <><> All officers by default will be candidates for getting the rank of GM. But it will be given only to those that personally interact with the GM's by becoming good real life friends with us that weekly converse on skype calls with us, game with us and receive 100% of our trust.

The requirements of the GM rank might despair some of you but I will renew your hope by saying that Alperbest & Red-Radiant have succeeded getting GM rank this way. Nothing is impossible!

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