Impostoclaus Dialogue/Save Winterfest!

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If protected until timer runs out (view visual of shout bubble):

Glorp! Glorp! Winterfest is saved and one thing is clear: all hearts now sing with holiday cheer!

Regarding Grinchlins (all phrases are shouted):

  • If they appear and damage impostoclaus: "Glorp! The Grinchlins are back!"
  • If they continue to damage Impostoclaus: "Glorp! I'm being overwhelmed!" or "Glorp! Help, I'm under attack"
  • If they significantly damage Impostoclaus: Either "Glorp! Things are going dark..." or "Glorp! If I had bones, they'd be broken!"
  • If they severely damage Impostoclaus: "Abort Mission! I'm retreating back to Haven!"

Upon mission abort: (phrase is shouted, and a cutscene occurs):

"Glorp! Our mission to save Winterfest ends in defeat! The grinchlins have won, we must retreat!"

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