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In The Jelly
GuildLogo-In The Jelly.png

"Long live Jelly, Death to all Skelly!"

Guild Founder: Dancinjen, Ronah, and Stygianxlii
Approx. Population: 65
Guild Master(s):
  • Dancinjen
  • Drdrj
  • Milkman
Guild Officer(s):
  • Addisona
  • Dolomitex
  • Heatsurge
  • Juwanchomadis
  • Oatmonster
  • Sodaaddict
  • Tuhui

Jellian Introduction

We’re a one of a kind guild. You may be thinking to yourself, “How can you be a one of a kind guild when all the guilds are the same”, my answer to that is we have a certain sort of individuality in our guild that you might not find in some of the others. We have people from all sorts of walks in life, yet we’ve learned to meld together in a way that makes us work really well together. We’re simplistic in the way that we only take on a bit at a time. We’ve learned many things over the couple of years that the guild has been around, as we’ve been around since open beta testing of February/March 2010.

Throughout the time that we’ve been a guild in the game we’ve seen many guilds come together, disband, and thrive. We’ve learned some helpful tips and know what we want out of the guild. First and foremost we wish to have fun, for you to have fun, and most of all for the people in the community to enjoy being around us.

We’re quite the chatty guild, and can be a bit crude too. Lol. We’re not a family friendly guild so to speak. There is swearing among us and inappropriate jokes. If you don’t find yourself in a position to accept that, that is okay and we respect it completely. That just means we may not be a good guild for you personally. That is perfectly okay. Everyone has their own tastes, wants, and needs when it comes to finding a group of friends to play online with.

We are a very relaxed guild. We have many players that will play guild lockdown with other guilds and then come back to us when they are done there. We don’t play much guild lockdown because we haven’t normally had a huge need for it. We are interested in it if there are players that really would like to get into guild lockdown. :D

Most of all, we just love the game. If you love the game and wish to join a fun and relaxed guild then we are what you’re looking for. We will help as much as we can and throw in some guild events too. I hope to hear from you and see you soon!!!

In The Jelly history

We (dancinjen, ronah, and Stygianxlii) came up with the guild name one night on a Jelly king run and we were being gnawed at by the tiny jellies when I blurted out, “we are sooo far in the jelly right now.” From there it’s history.

It has been almost two years since In the Jelly was founded. We’ve since have two very dedicated guild masters. Milkman came first. He showed great leadership and everyone loves him. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have the milk cave. ITJ just wouldn’t be the same without him. Second came Drdrj, he has been another wonderful guild mate to have around. He brings skill and sarcasm to the guild.

These two have been amazing to the guild in the past year to year and a half. We’re happy to have them and we applaud them for their dedication and silliness. They are the embodiment of what ITJ was founded on in the first place; friendship, kindness, fun, silliness, and skill.

Recruitment Process


Please message Dancinjen, Drdrj, Saltoid or Milkman with answers to these questions:

  • How active are you?
  • How old are you? or Are you 15+?
  • What time zone?
  • What star is your gear?

Current Members


ITJ crest.jpg

Fun Facts

  • We have been around since beta testing, it was around february in one of the preview events.
  • In the Jelly members currently possess two of the three known unbound proto guns. These now unobtainable items are prized by their owners and confuse others.
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