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Intense Flame
GuildLogo-Intense Flame.jpg

From the Black Oblivion let your Intense Flame burn and lay down the Fires of Judgement or just look left and right.

Guild Founder: Flamethrowerz
Approx. Population: 120+

Hello fellow "Fireballs" we are Intense Flame. The Guild page is still under construction by the gremlins for cheap labor. Check our baby81's new guild called B.R.M.C.[[1]] (also still under construction)

Intense Flame

The current members look to the guild website to stay updated with guild affairs.

The Fireballs

Flaming Recruitment and Flaming Promotions

Ask any of our Intense officers

Intense Event

The Hot PotatoE Intense Flame Award of Honor

To compete you must be an officer. It's an all out PROTO gear (with your choice of weapons and shields) Jelly King survival run. Only one fireball will win.

It is now official here is the lowdown

its an all out proto armor (with your choice of weapon and shield) survival run in the jelly palace.

Nerin, Chawk and I (Baby81) will be scouts for the parties of 2 officers who will compete.

whoever dies the most will be placed in "Squad D" and the survivors, in "Squad S" and the final champions from each group will compete for the Hot PotatoE Intense Flame Award of Honor.

the priZe is top secret.

The Bulwark Run

Must be a top vet with all 5 star gear to compete. The Bulwarkk run is held in the arena of last level in the "Gauntlet" missoin. like the "Protatoe Run" its an all out death-match between two knights. Whoever dies the least wins.

Intense Footage

Filmed and edited by our "Dragon" Chawkthree

  • Jelly Beatdown[6]
  • Intense Jelly Run: A Spiral Knights Let's Play[7]
  • How to add your screenshots to this wiki![8]
  • To Kill a Vanaduke: A Spiral Knights Let's Play[9]
  • The Silent Legion: A Spiral Knights Lets Play[10]
  • The Lockdown Duo: A Spiral Knights Let's Play[11]

Baby81 runs with no lag or deaths (ok maybe some)

Intense Gallery

A gallery of Intense Proportions


Members Of The Alliance

Black Dragon - Guild Master: Gunide

Blade Knights - Guild Master: Dumbell

Divine Guardian - Guild Master: Ookok

Intense Flame - Guild Master: Babyeightyone

Jelly Hunters - Guild Master: Konurb

Gundam Destiny - Guild Master: Kchen

Clockwork Killers - Guild Master: Ghost-One

Crusade - Guild Master: Kazham

Teehee - Guild Master: Nyannia

Critical - Guild Master: Nummy

Ordo Vigoratus - Guild Master: Camera

Renegade Rogues - Guild Master: Virexx

Luminous - Guild Master: Ojlister

Exiled Dragons - Guild Master: Shadow-Arcanus

Balance - Guild Master: Silversphinx

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