Jelly World (Guild)

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Jelly World
File:GuildLogo-Jelly World.png

Motto (try to keep it < 64 characters)

Guild Founder: FounderName
Approx. Population: 100#
Guild Master(s):


  • MasterName Eyeinsky
  • MasterName Spatacus
  • MasterName Threat
Guild Officer(s):


  • OfficerName Judemon
  • OfficerName Eaturnitygwad
  • OfficerName Holographic-Puppy
  • OfficerName Basic-Hazzard
  • OfficerName Befatt
  • OfficerName Diamondstar
  • OfficerName Eaturnitygwad
  • OfficerName Justgirl
  • OfficerName kidj
  • OfficerName Mrblade
  • OfficerName Thegreatseany
  • OfficerName Ryukiba
  • OfficerName simasx

Guild Rules

No lying. If you lie you will be punished accordingly:

Recruits: you will be given 2 warnings. The 1st time, they will only warn you. The 2nd, if they catch you, you will be dismissed from a guild meeting, in which we will talk about your behavior.

Members-Officers: 1 warning. 1st time, dismissed from

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