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Kat Tribe
File:GuildLogo-Kat Tribe.png

Show off your inner Kat!

Guild Founder: Ericbas
Approx. Population: 110~

About us

We're a chill guild with people from all tiers, mostly made up of returning and new players. We're an active guild with over 40 daily active members, at any time you can usually spy 6-10 people online.

If you're looking for a guild where you can run missions with folks, occasionally join in PvE and PvP events, and not have any real expectations put on you - look no further! We're just here to enjoy the game.

New member information

Joining the Kat Tribe is easy, just send a mail to "Oopsay" or check out our recruitment thread and we'll get you added to the guild within an hour or two. Once you're a member, you can join our Discord from our daily message or messaging Oopsay on Discord.

Once you've joined, we have a period of about a week where you're a recruit to see how you're adjusting to the guild! If you're fitting in, you're getting a promotion to member.

For veteran and officer promotions, these are reserved for members who are helpful and contribute to guild. If you want to learn more about promotions, ask in our Discord!

Guild events

We're currently working on coordinating some t2 and t3 events for PvP (lockdown and blast network). If you join and you're interested in this kind of content, let us know!

Guild registry

For the sake of keeping this clean, we'll document all GMs, Officer, Veterans, and Members here. If you want to get your name added to this page, become a member+!

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