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King Krabs
File:GuildLogo-King Krabs.png

Capere die per cancer

Guild Founder: Poliwaag
Approx. Population: 5
Guild Master(s):
  • Thendris
  • Poliwaag
  • Swordzman
Guild Officer(s):
  • Aurailen
  • Parkourninja

Guild Information

  • What is this thing? A keyboard? Why's it so bulky? What do you mean PC keyboards aren't flat? Apple keyboards are flat. Well these AREN'T the old ones, are they Aura? Fine, I'm typing already*

Yes, hello. This is Thendris, brother of Poliwaag and guild Master. Yes. Poli would be typing this but nowadays I sort of run things around here. Still sort of new at all this wiki page editing stuff, so I'll keep it clean and update occasionally. Ya know, make it look pretty. Anyways, I'll give you some history.

The King Krabs were founded soon after Spiral Knight's official launch, post-beta, when Poli got it in his head that being one of the first 50 guilds would be fun. So he founded the King Krabs, accepting his friend Aurailen as its first member. From there he neglected making a wiki page, so we have remained relatively unknown throughout the years. I'm fixing that now. Anyways, soon after the guild took off, we began accepting members in left and right. Soon we were a guild about fifteen strong, which, admittedly, isn't too big, but for a small-time guild with no real goal in mind, it was huge. Then came the period of time where many of its members stopped playing Spiral Knights entirely, around the time I was promoted to Founder and really started running things. By that time, most of the guild's members stopped playing or communicating entirely, so were removed. Currently the guild is composed entirely of officers and the guild masters, but we have begun accepting new recruits again.

What Krabs Do in Their Free Time

Now you may be asking yourself: "Why, Thendris Lord of All and Owner of Our Very Souls, what IS it that the King Krabs actually DO?" That, my fine, non-carapaced friend, is... Pretty much anything really. You see, we of the King Krabs are a very laid back bunch. We play for recreation, not for fame or glory (which are difficult to come by in a game). So we bounce around from doing arcade and mission runs, PvP and just lounging around in front of the auction house trying to make people laugh. If you saw two players arguing over whether you should buy BACON or CHICKEN awhile back, you know who we are.

How to Become Krabby

It's really quite simple. Message either myself, Poli or Swordzman regarding joining the King Krabs. If they say yes, congratulations, you're in. Easy as that.

Guild Rules

We are laid back. We are funny. We are, occasionally, completely insane. But we aren't jerks. Here's the King Krab exklusive list on how not to be a jerk:

1. Use Ks instead of Cs sparingly

2. Profanity is fine due to censorship. However, don't try to sneak curses in through whatever malicious means you can think of. And for the love of whatever god you pray to, no full-sentence curses.

3. Don't pester people. This means don't ask for money, crowns or etcetera unless you're asking for them in exchange for an item. Oh, and don't keep shouting, "SELLING (insert item name here) FOR 1,000,000,000 CR!!!!1!1!1! ONE TIME OFFER LOL". It's annoying.

4. If you want to joke around in the game (such as trying to convince people to buy BACON or CHICKEN), stop if asked. Fun is only fun if people are having fun.

5. Help a player out. If you're not doing anything and someone wants help with a run, where's the harm? Go ahead. Meet people. Who knows, could be your game-y soulmate askin for help.

6. Don't insult other players. Minor teasing is fine, such as laughing at someone's misfortune when they die, but if you start going after the same person time and time again, we may need to talk about your continued time in the guild.

7. Have fun. This may seem like pure insanity, but, believe it or not, this IS a game. A GAME. G-A-M-E. Something done in free time to entertain yourself and, possibly, others. Treat it like that. It's much more entertaining.

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