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== Welcome to the Kingdom Keepers wiki page! ==

Who are we?

We are a beginner-intermediate level guild, with a focus on helping others. Our main goal is to help everyone in the guild reach the top rank in your missions, as well as create a large guild hall to be proud of. We also plan on participating in T1 Lockdown in the future. (Don't sell your 1* gear!)

Who are the leaders?

The Boss: Chris-Bot is the leader of the guild. Though he is currently injured and is not always available. He is the brother of Lucario-Stl

The Cop in Blue: Lucario-Stl is the one of two Officers in the guild. He does not tolerate profanity in the guild. He has a full time job, but will show up occasionally for a good amount of time.

The Red Number Operator: Toeni-Sevan (27) is one of two Officers in the guild. He makes sure to be on for a little each day. He plans the guild hall design. He is an alternate character, however he is using this character more as his main character is almost complete. He will be on the most to answer questions and aid members.

What is my place in the guild?

We just want you to get stronger and help others. We'd like you to also donate a small amount to the hall so we can keep building our home into a castle. The main priority is to have all members become very powerful. As we get stronger, our guild will also get closer to becoming an expert guild.

How do I rank up in the guild?

Recruit: Automatic upon joining.

Member: Complete a set of 3* gear.

Veteran: Complete a set of 4* star gear, and allow for your two officers, and the guild to judge your performance in helping others and supporting the guild.

Officer and Guild Master are not currently available.

Are there any rules?

No profanity/swearing. The Cop in Blue especially will not tolerate this. We would like you to help players who are behind on missions you are already past, when available. Donate daily. Don't put in too much if you know you shouldn't. A minimum 500 will be enough for the hall to keep up with the current upkeep.

Current Events

We are currently saving up for red chairs, red tables, and blue plants to fill out the 1st and 2nd floor!

Who manages this page?

Me, the Red Number: Toeni-Sevan (27).

We hope you enjoy your stay!

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