Kishin Hunters (Guild)

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Kishin Hunters
File:GuildLogo-Kishin Hunters.png

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Guild Founder: Carya
Approx. Population: 30
Guild Master(s):
  • Carya
  • Littlerazor
  • Sci-figeek
Guild Officer(s):
  • Ytnyssamalr

Guild Summary

We are a fun loving guild who likes to have fun with people. We value friendship and niceness over tier and gear. We hope that our member's will have fun and feel like they can trust their fellow members for help and support.


We will invite any one we think is nice and fun loving ,beats a tier two boss, good sportsmanship, and/or logging on once a week.

Guild Activities

We hold a weekly Festival and a prize system. Festival is an annual get to gather were we hang out with other members,trade,and , meet new members. Our prize system gives you prizes just for guessing a number between 1-10 every number will give you a prize but the closer you are the better the prize will be.


1.) Be Nice-treat others the way you want to be treated if you don't be nice then we wont be nice you can leave the guild.(this includes being respectful)

2.)Help Out Fellow members-if you help them out they will be more likely to help you out.

3.)Show Good Sportsmanship- don't get mad when you lose at something that just means you need a little more practice and your fellow guildsmen would be happy to oblige you with their knowledge.

4.)Activity-try to show us that you've been online it's a silly thing to get removed from the guild for.(if you haven't been on for two weeks you will be removed from the guild)

5.)Guild Responsibilities-do what you are asked if you don't think that you should have to do it talk to a guild master.

6.)Have Fun- we try to make Kishin Hunters as fun as possible

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