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Currently at a standstill; hopefully up later.

Guild Founder: Paradoxr, or Fancypants-Bl
Approx. Population: 2 (active), 6 (total)
Guild Master(s):


Welcome to Knighthood.


This guild isn't exactly open for business just yet. A lack of active members and time to actually play the game is preventing myself, as well as my partner, from playing, so if you find this wiki article by accident and become interested in joining, there's no guarantee we'll contact you back.

What is this guild?

This is Knighthood, a guild founded in early 2012 by two idiots with too much money in their pockets and not enough brain in their heads. It was discovered, named, and created in less than five minutes with a joke and a laugh, beginning with no real intention to become anything greater than a name by which would float over their characters.

It was later into the year -- and many times throughout the following one -- that ParadoxR, the actual creator of this guild, began to consider what it might be like to have that same name float about the heads of other peoples' characters. That is where this guild's story begins.

Who do you serve?

We accept players of both Tier 2 and Tier 3.

So why not Tier 1? Well:

1. Tier 1 players are less knowledgeable about the game.

2. Tier 1 players can get overwhelmed of others.

3. Tier 1 players may become a nuisance to other members.

4. Tier 1 players will have difficulties contributing and playing.

All four of these are related in that a new player is exactly that; new. By the time you've reached Tier 2, you have decent gear, you know the ropes, and you're less likely to be awkward or annoying around older players that may loom over you. It's truly not as difficult as you might think to make it there. You've got it in you, go for it.

What is your goal?

The goal of this guild as a whole is similar to that of most guilds existing today; we strive to let you, the player, enter a community of others that you can get to know more closely as well as participate in events with, so you can ultimately get more enjoyment out of this game than you would playing it by yourself. We don’t try to be unique, but rather bring about a sense of equality and trust.

What are your rules?

Managing a guild is not an easy task, but hopefully we've kept the rules to just the basics. It's still important to state them for all future reference.

Be mature.

This is the first rule because it can be applied to all sorts of different situations. If you can handle how you act to the people around you, whether it be a fellow guild member or not, this guild will respect you.

Be smart.

To be trustworthy, you must have good common sense. There are some people out there who think that because it’s not in the rule book, it's then justifiable, no matter what it is. Think about your actions, just like you would in any other real-world situation.

Be friendly.

Try to keep an upwards attitude. Sometimes you have a bad day, we've all been there. If you can stay cheery and sociable, you will thrive as a member in this guild. If you want to stay dark and mysterious, or grumpy and stubborn as a part of a fake personality or simply because it's the way you've always been known, so be it, but a good bedside manner never hurt anyone.

Get involved.

Do we expect you to pop up and around every single day? Absolutely not. In fact, you can decide to not show up at all for a few days if you’re doing something else. Everyone here has a real life, we get that. If you’re going to be gone for more than a week at a time, tell a figure of authority from the members list or shoot us an e-mail ( If you leave without giving us a warning, you may risk your position in the guild. An event is going on, but you've only got 15 minutes of spare time around then? Come around anyways, you won't regret being a part of it.

Be laughable.

No, this isn't an enforced rule, not at all. Regardless, try to have a good sense of humor. If you can laugh at a really good joke, that’s fantastic. If you can laugh at a really bad joke, that’s even better.

Have fun.

Spiral Knights was created for your enjoyment. This guild was created to help improve upon that, and don’t forget it.

How can I join?

Hopefully you've taking a fairly in-depth read of this guild, and maybe you've already decided you're ready to join! This is the application for the guild, and although an official forum thread for it doesn't exist yet, you can still sent it to us via e-mail ( [M] is mandatory, [O] is optional.

Guild Members

A [#] symbol next to a name represents a member who has been certified as a trustable leader or helper for the guild, and as someone you can go to directly to ask about anything; whether it be joining, quitting, being absent for a while, what they had for breakfast, etc.

[Tier 3] [#] FANCYPANTS-BL [Guild Master]

The man with a plan and the genius behind it all (hah!). I’ve been playing Spiral Knights since super late 2011, and there's still a lot about this game I don't understand, so excuse me if I'm occasionally misinformed. I also love to get in way over my head; this guild just might be the end of me. It's good to meet you.

[Tier 2] XDLOLRUSXD [Officer]

My partner in crime; he’s a close friend, who has been with me throughout more than 90% of my hours in Spiral Knights. Although it's hard to actually call him crazy, he comes pretty close. His usual antics involve running into Haven and randomly calling people kitchen appliances and various forms of meat. If you meet him in game, I hope for your sake he has mercy on your sanity.

Guild News

This is the guild's timeline in text, the story of this guild's legacy. Dates are in MM-DD-YY, and run chronologically from top being newest and bottom being oldest.

Guild Visuals

Videos, screenshots, artwork, or anything else similar that relates to this guild will usually show up here. If you missed an event, or want to see yourself inside one you participated in, you'll find it here.

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