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Guild Founder: Chris
Approx. Population: 70

Guild Website

Guild Website

Knightmare History

First, a little bit about the history of Knightmare. If you have no interest in this, skip down to recruitment info.

Knightmare was started during the spiral knights preview/beta and quickly became one of the largest and most successful guilds in the game. The core group of Knightmare (the current officers) were able to kill Vanaduke (pre-nerf) with all 2-star gear, and had could run through tier 3 in our sleep.

During the early release, Knightmare reformed and started recruiting old and new members, and was free to join for anybody who had played during the beta and was mature and active. Once the early release was over, the guild was closed to the public and started only accepting promising applicants.

Knightmare remained as one of the top guilds throughout the public release until many of Knightmare's officers decided to boycott the game because of the auction house update which brought bind-on-craft and ridiculous crafting costs.

The Guild leader, Chris, returned to spiral knights because of the announement of PvP. He started reviving the guild on July 27 2011.

Knightmare spend most of it's time on vent chatting, talking about spiral knights gear theory and money making methods and clearing endgame content such as Shadow Lairs.

Recruitment Info

Knightmare is only looking to recruit mature and active players who want to do boss runs, recipe grinding, trading, talking and having a good time. Knightmare more than welcomes new players and players who aren't geared or experienced as long as they are mature, active, and willing to improve.

If you wish to apply to Knightmare, their recruitment info is posted on their official guild website and their post in the guild recruitment section of the spiral knights forums

Guild Registry

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