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Knights And Day (Guild)
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Guild Founder: BigFootM And Homminid
Approx. Population: 61
Guild Master(s):
  • Lostillusion
  • Redfevrier Creator of the New Wikipage
Guild Officer(s):
  • Blitzman
  • Ghreat
  • Note: We have many more officers, but these guys will get to you the fastest. Please give an allowance of a few days because, due to school and work, many of us are too busy to log on every day.
Website: (register AFTER you are accepted, or this will cause Granck to rage, yeah he monitors the site and may not know if your accepted to the guild ;3)


History of Knights and Day...

Knights and Day (or as we affectionately call it: KaD) was created on May 4th, 2011 by Bigfootm in the hopes he'd have a "good guild". Well, Big got quite a bit more than he'd bargained for! Knights and Day is now over 1 year old. There've been huge booms in activity as well as very quiet spots, however, the idea of the guild being a big, happy, squabbling, laughing- good- family has never been lost.

The first boss we ever killed as a guild, when we were very very small, was the Jelly King. Now we kill his wife…. We hope you like it here ;D

What We Do that Makes the World a Better Place

  • We go on guild runs regularly
    • Multiple visits to Vanaduke per day
    • Occasionally we lunch with the Jelly King, but not too often
    • Shadow Lairs!
    • Prestige!
    • Danger Missions O:
  • While KaD doesn't do much Blast Network, (we'd just blow each other up really, however Ghreat and Shadownox do play and are considered the guild's BN pros) we do haul in buckets of Krogmo Coins through lots and lots of lockdown

Other Stuff We Do that Doesn't Necessarily Help Anyone...

  • We tell stupid jokes
  • Random acts of mass confusion
  • Squabbles where someone says something stupid and makes everyone else angry, causing the officers to get up on their soap boxes
  • The occasional feels of watching a train wreck
  • The more than occasional feels of being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket full of laughter, love, and warm fuzziness that makes you want to stay there forever and ever. Really just code for, we're all really good friends  :)
  • Lockdown, Lockdown, and more Lockdown...

About the GMs

Lostillusion: Lost is the voice of reason. The hand of justice. Spock. Some think he's a mystical lizard, others say he's an emotionless robot. (He does beep on occasion…) Whatever he is, Lost will always be there- whether you need him on a run or to give you the correct buying price for your volcanic wings.

Redfevrier: I need to write my bio >.<

Important Stuffies about Activity

Knights and Day's Activity Policy is much like Tier Zero's. In fact, it's the same.........*crickets*...... Anywho! We thought that it was a good policy. Here it is:
We don't require too much of our members except that they actually log onto Spiral Knights occasionally. Basically, that means at least once a month, and we won't usually get around to kicking people out unless they haven't logged on in two months or longer. Inactivity kicks ALWAYS come with the guarantee that if you start playing again after a period of absence, we'll invite you back into the guild, no questions asked. It's more of an organization thing to keep the guild roster from being too cluttered with inactive people than anything else. If that's you, please send us a mail in-game to let us know you're back!

Cleanups are held on the 20th of each month :)

Important Stuffies about Promotions


  • 4* min
  • Complete "testing"
    • (misbehavior adds time before promotion)


  • grammar+
  • active
  • social
  • friendly (good behavior)
  • been in the guild for a while


  • Must be a Veteran
  • Must have a certain amount of:
    • Skill
    • Maturity
  • Must be:
    • Sociable
    • Helpful
    • Good at following the rules.
  • Another Officer must elect you, after which the nomination is brought before the other officers and the GMs. We then vote on the promotion.

Want to Join? Recruitment Information Here

Applying is simpe! Send a message to one of the GMs or Active Officers in the list at the top of this page with the following application. After one of our representatives contacts you we'll take you on a run so we can meet you (and you can meet us!). KaD is predominantly a T3 guild, so the testing location is usually Depth 25 of FSC.


1-What is your IGN?*

2-How often are you on?*

3-What tier are you?*

4-How often do you craft things?

5-How often do you do boss runs and which do you do?*

6-If I give away free cake, which cake do you like better? Chocolate or Vanilla?

7-What are your equips?*

8-What is the super secret passcode of super secretliness?

9-What bosses can you KILL?*

10-Why do YOU want to join our guild?*

[*=Required to answer]

Notable Knights of KaD's Past that Deserve Recognition

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