Lawl and Order (Guild)

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Lawl and Order
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"Laugh 'till it hurts."

Guild Founder: FounderName
Approx. Population: 11
Guild Master(s):


The Starting Point

The guild was formed on July 20th, 2012 by Supermetalmario after he had talked with Theonebackthere about it for awhile. It was formed at the top of the Auction House for whatever reason.


-Must be active, if you are going on vacation, please notify Supermetalmario so you will not be kicked for inactiveness. -Knights must be mature, friendly, and skilled. We accept all tiers of players as long as they are exceptional. -No cussing, just use symbols. -Be friendly to your fellow guildies.


~Recruit: Given position. ~Member: Has shown friendliness and maturity, ~Veteran:Given to trusted friends/members. ~Officer: Voted up from the Veteran status by Officers and Guild Masters. ~Guild Masters: Given if the Guild Masters vote you in, after you have applied.

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