League of Arcanes(Guild)

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League of Arcanes(Guild)

League of Arcanes
GuildLogo-League of Arcanes.jpg

Inspire me. Surprise me. That's Arcanes.

Guild Founder: Ziyadk-Kk
Approx. Population: 79
Guild Master(s):
  • Ziyadk-Kk
  • Skum
  • phantom-strike
Guild Officer(s):
  • Resonantknight
  • Bonkman
  • boinker
  • cravit
  • donrade
  • jeroslayer
  • tanishrocks

About the Guild.

  • Well, we are League of Arcanes(L~O~A). We are a Friendly Guild who respects one another. Our Guild is all about Enthusiasm, Determination and Co-operation towards our fellow Members!We are a happy Guild and we tend to do a lot of Guild Lockdown most of our spare time.

How to Apply.

  • Well, to apply you have to be a Tier 3 which means you have to have at least a Five star Weapon/Armour.
  • We would Accept 4* Weapon/Armour
  • To join you also have to be active because we accept active people!

Guild Rules.

These rules are Extremely Serious because we do not like Guildies feeling unhappy or the Guild being Down..

  1. No Begging!
  2. No Blackmailing
  3. Don't Scam!
  4. Be nice Towards your fellow Guild Mates!
  5. Don't Beg For promotions.
  6. Don't even joke about begging!

If these rules are broken you will be Warned and you might be Demoted.


  • Guild Lockdown.
  • Guild Lockdown.

How to get Awards.

  • Well Obviously you need to be part of the Guild. :P
  • You have to be on the Wall of Fame.
  • Be nice to the Guild and Follow the Rules!!

Hall of Fame!

  • These are Very Nice and Worthy Players!! Be on the Wall Fame and get a prize!!
  • To be on the Wall of Fame yo mut Follow the Rules and Compete in anything you think is fun appealing to the Guild.

^-^ up soon we well found FAME !

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