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This is a list of fan fiction about Spiral Knights written by players. It is alphabetized by author account name or identity knight.



Core Gods Series




  • Reverie and Skye- A prequel to AlucardLegolas, as Skye and a seraphynx takes on a wonderful journey.
  • Pending


This section last edited September 19th, 2021

All my series and stories are abandoned, but you're free to see their remnants if you wish.

Angel's Light Series

  • Angel's Light - About two years have flown by since the endangered and battle weary Spiral Knights became stranded on a hostile planet. Yet the race has come to adapt to their mechanical Haven away from the real haven, Isora.

Angel-Girl and her best friend Braveheart have defeated the ruler of Almire, Lord Vanaduke, and cleared the way to the Cradle's core, the only energy source to get the Knights back home to Isora. But opening the mechanical shell is a whole other task, and one yet to be discovered. The duo can't aid the Spiral HQ any further on that path until further notice.

Meanwhile, Angel-Girl's forgotten past is coming back to haunt not just her- but every living thing on Cradle. An umbrakinetic winged Knight wants to kill her, her last token of childhood is shining light on her true heritage, and friends and family are not anything like what they appear to be. Nearly everything and everyone is just as fake as Cradle, and now Angel-Girl's world is going to fall apart... But is the truth to the past 600 years really a bad thing- or is it just the key to making things right again, and maybe opening the Core?

Bad or not, Angel-Girl would certainly say it's terrifying.

Luckily, she's going to get used to that.

Last publishing date: June 24, 2016

Short Stories

  • Spiralbound - An adventurer's record of everyday life, very unusual occurrences, and just plain amusing antics on the Cradle. These scrapbook-style short stories tell a tale only from one photograph caught in action, ones to be passed down for generations.

Last publishing date: September 21, 2016

The natives of the planet are primitive but many, and they are dangerous and hostile. And they only scream one thing that will stick with the Dark Isoran the rest of her life: "Knights! Advance and attack!"

Last publishing date: September 21, 2016


Last publishing date: September 29, 2016


A Battle of Blade and Blood Series

  • Battlefield -When the Gremlin War breaks out, its up to Andrew and his Squad to stop the gremlins from taking over Cradle. (Complete)
  • War -Amidst all the chaos of the Gremlin War, a Civil War is starting to divide the Spiral Order. Will peace be made? Or will the Spiral Order be the cause of its own undoing? (In Progress)

Short Stories

  • The Turning- The story of how a knight named Roland meets a sad fate.
  • The Lumberjack- An amnesiac works hard to find the creature that caused her memory loss, and exact her revenge.
  • Mirage- A Spiral Warden named Tobin succumbs to the mental hardships of isolation.









Darkbrady & Iridescent

A Knight couple crash land and realise that their daughter is missing, and go into the Clockworks and live there during a relentless search to find her and explain all the unanswered questions.



  • Evolution - After a mission gone wrong, a group of Knights are given a grim reminder of what lies below.




  • Doggies Fanfiction- A prequel to Bloo The Bloogato. Revolves around Dusk and Amber who are forced to work with the Snarbolax. WARNNING!!! TIME RELATED STORYLINE!!! May be confusing!!
  • Bloo The Bloogato- A story about a Bloogato in Scarlet Fortress: Grim Gallery


  • Knighthood - The sequel to My life as a Snarbolax.

EcoRTB666 (AKA Remilia of the Earth)

These have been abandoned. Critiscism is welcome, though:

  • Questors; Neerg No construct ever had a name. Most don't even have genders. But those created by gremlins on what was known as the "Great Project" want even more. They want freedom.

These have been completed:

  • Underlings; Nat When Nat first became a Knocker, he never expected to be separated from new friends, his sister, and in the end, the whole Colony.
  • Blue Skies Forever While on a Vanaduke run, Remiliaoftheearth notices a lack of enemies.
  • Trenny the Tortodrone At the end of a boss run, a creature thought to be extinct tips the heroes of "Blue Skies Forever" off about some dangerous traitors.
  • Phoenix: From the Ashes After crashing on the planet, and discovering where she is, Remilia determines to open the Core and get off the planet. (This has nothing to do with the above stories.)


Note: Real IGN hidden for now.

An MS-paint adventures inspired story type. The readers are in control of the computer in which they communicate with the main character.



  • Operation: Crimson Hammer - Frostrex leads an elite squad who do not trust him or even care for him. But when the siege camp at the Grand Arsenal is overrun, they must put up with eachother and fight for the Knights, both dead and alive.
  • The Siege of Haven(COMING SOON) - No spoilers.
  • Frostrex and the White Dragon(COMING SOON) - Still none.





Also A Helpful Tool From Isekuube:


  • Spiralstory- Vot isn't meant to be a leader. He isn't even a knight. But as time progresses, his true powers are revealed. (Completed)


Jmtheawesome & Iamnoobandiamproud

The Other Side Triology/

Short Stories/

  • Red & Blue - A Conflict between the Crimson and the Azure clans is growing stronger by the minute, and Agius is faced with a bigger problem. Will he suceed with the task at hand? Or crumble between the two clans?


  • The Battle for Haven Cradle has been invaded by strange creatures called humans. The knights must retreat to the Clockworks. But they cant hide forever...
  • The Snarble Shadows the prequel to The Battle for Haven. A band of 5 young and powerful Knights must find and capture an infamous crook. But will they survive their quest?
  • Rise from the Ashes The sequel to The Battle for Haven. Haven has been saved, but a new enemy is waiting on the horizon. Can the new Order defeat this powerful demon?









Mel is a recruit, stuck in the Clockworks all alone. (FINISHED)

Many knights have come close, only to be stopped by an impregnable dome surrounding the salvation of the Spiral Knights. Only one advance team ever entered the core,you are ugly A chronicle of Alpha Squad (FINISHED)

Troy is a Warden, and he had it good- for a Spiral Knight. A caring brother and many friends. But all that will change when he returns from a fiendish city deep within the Clockworks, on depth seventeen (FINISHED)

As a knight lays dying, he passes on what it truly means to be a Spiral Knight to a young prodigy.

An omnibus of my fan fictions so far.

Mawashimono - The Dragon Princess

A series of short stories that are constantly being expanded and added to.







  • The Clockworks (Chapters 1-6) Fanfiction that takes art requests. Images will be added into the text.


Note: To find my page, click here. A fair warning: Some of these fanworks are old and not really capable of showing off my writing skills.

WIP Projects

  • An unnamed fanfic about Lockdown.
  • A much better new fanfic about a knight's quest to become a vanguard.



  • One is all it takes - Haven is under attack. With the stronger knights away, what will become of the weaker knights that lay defenceless in Haven? And just who is the mysterious Zenith? This story proves that there is more to 'one' than just a simple number. (COMPLETE)
  • Codename - Part 1: Rising - A knight wakes up with no memory of his past. Lying in a medical tent, a knight who calls him friend tells him a story that is supposed to be linked to his past. Will the story tell him what he desires to know? Or will it leave him with more questions than answers? (COMPLETE)
  • Codename - Part 2: When the great fall - Max has entered the clockworks! Missing his memory, he ventures into the darkness to find out who he is, trailed by his friends. Will the dark depths unlock his untapped potential and restore his memory? Or will they consume him entirely? (COMPLETE)
  • Codename - Part 3: A new hero must rise - Max is gone, and the Jelly King is back. Unsurprisingly, Ange ultimately blames the gelatinous slob for Max's demise, and now, she's out for BLOOD.Will she be able to overcome the same obstacles Max did without him? Or will she meet her end as he did? (In progress. Status: Chapter 3 now out)
  • Sacrifice - Sacrifices are always painful. To us, and all those we know, they feel our pain.
  • The Crash - You have crashed. You are stranded. But you are not alone.
  • Outpost - When you're stuck in an Outpost far from any recognizable civilization, you'll find out soon that you are, present company excluded, pretty much alone. No-one to miss you, should something happen. Something bad... (In Progress)

A/N: The 'Codename' series was one of my earlier creations. There are some massive and very apparent flaws with it's content, specifically wording, among others. I fully intend to rewrite it at some point, and ask that you refrain from critical judgement of mentioned stories until I manage that.

Otherwise, feel free to read and shake your head in amusement/laugh your guts out at my current attempt, specifically at my over-dramatization of some scenes.



(Fan-Fic) Cradle: Two Paths



  • Enter the Arena -- (Completed) || An explanation behind King Kromo's Coliseum and his motives||Knights have been mysteriously vanishing at an alarming rate these past few months. When a squadron loses their 4th team member to shadowy monsters who seem to be abducting knights for a being named Krogmo, it's up to Feron and a group of elite knights to uncover what this twisted king is up to.
  • Descent into Darkness -- ||An explanation behind the swarm and what lies in the core|| The Clockwork's have been going through numerous changes recently. The Snarbolax has been reported rabid, the Royal Jelly has been dethroned and his palace turned into a frozen fortress, the gremlins have begun work on their deadliest munition factory yet, and Vanaduke has been rumored to be dabbling in dark shadow magics. To make matters worse, a strange life form has been discovered in the lowest depths of the Clockworks with the ability to strike fear into the hearts of its foes. Those who have gone up against this new creature have wound up with debilitating curses, or disappeared completely. Now the Spiral Knights are in a race to unravel the mysterious behind this "swarm" or face the consequences of a dire prophecy: the total destruction of Cradle.


When not updating his wiki page, Scamall takes his time writing the series known as 'Project Origins', a set of interconnected tales chronicling several unique individuals as they come to terms with life on Cradle after surviving the cataclysm known as Skylark's Fall. Originally a trilogy, Scamall has decided to add more stories to the mix to flesh out this world.

  • Project Origins: Cross - This is the story of a Knight named Cross, a troubled soul with boundless potential, as he joins up with the Horsemen; a mythical squadron of Knights who undertake missions that no-one else could. Butting heads with his squad-mates, he learns to value trust and teamwork, striving to overcome his dark past. As he realises his full strength, he uncovers a conspiracy that reaches deep within the Spiral hierarchy, threatening to spell the last days of the Horsemen.
  • Project Origins: Julius - In response to the Spiral occupation of Haven, Praxis of the Crimson Order has designed a new breed of Construct, with nigh-invulnerable alloy, and a virtual intelligence rivalling an organic mind. But once Seerus takes charge of the operation, everything goes to Hell, and a certain unnamed Construct winds up in Emberlight with a handful of its surviving brethren. As they come to terms with their new-found intelligence and emotions, they must seek to rebuild their people, while staying out of the watchful eye of the Empire, and gaining the trust of the exiles.
  • Project Origins: Null - After a reconnaissance mission goes belly up, leaving most of the squad dead, the lone survivor, cracking under the trauma, is stuck with a mysterious sword, and a masked stranger who claims to have saved him. But is this man friend or foe? What is the secret of the sword? And can the survivor discover the truth behind the man and his motives?


  • Cross - Original - The original story of how Cross joined the Horsemen, and how they crumbled. I do not consider this version part of the rest of the series, choosing to stick to the rewrite. It is, essentially, 'non-canon'.



  • Unsung - These knights helped you in your time of need, guided you faithfully all over the clockworks. A small tale telling the story of the Unsung heroes of the clockworks.


Now, you can alter a hero's fate at your own fingertips! The stories below follow multiple paths made by votes from the forum community, so join in and help create today's chapter now!


[cleaning and replacing with others]

Soul-Schism & Ssosme

  • The Lone Wolf - Soul-Schism embarks on his perilous quest, uncertain of his ultimate goal ot what the future holds.

Progress: -Chapter 2 is out, Chapter 3 is in production.

Spiral-Hipster & Lysane



  • Becoming a Vanguard Rinnow, a young knight crashes on Cradle. To survive, he will have to build his skill, find out what his mysterious artifact is, and become a Vanguard.

Tearninja - Angelic Tear (Same person)

  • Two paths Iris, mother of two children, starts her journey across the gears of cradle. [Near beginning, so not much happened]

Terra-Flamberge - Skye-Flamberge

  • Days of Ruin - Two best friends, a destroyed Cradle and a little love story. [12/24/12 Started]


  • The Writing on the Wall - A small band of knights and Emberlight gremlins track down a group of gremlin insurgents to prevent an all-out war between Haven and the Colony. (Complete, illustrations pending)

Contents: Knock, Knock, Boom: a frequently-interrupted romance Part 1Part 2

Jelly Jam: in which small pests make for big slimes Part 1Part 2

  • Consumption - A dark tale of a terminally-ill Emberlight mender, blackmail, murder, and revenge.


  • Logging In - A "love tragedy," but not truly a love story.
  • The Trapping A bleak story of a fanfic writer, who couldn't bother making his own fanfic, so he decided to more or less copy Malkalack's really awesome fanfic, with a different protagonist, name and rank but the same story..... and it links to his own previous fanfiction?









my first story: my second story:

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