Lords Of Typhon (Guild)

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Lords Of Typhon
File:GuildLogo-Lords Of Typhon.png

There's always a spot for another Lord Of Typhon

Guild Founder: Greeneyedragon
Approx. Population: 15
Guild Master(s):
  • Superwtf
  • Rakozz
  • Shadow-Berserker
  • Slakra

About Us

Want to become a Lord? Well join up with Lords of Typhon! We are a guild looking for active and loyal knights of all ranks! Small donations required (500crs) To become a member, 1 donation of 500+ crs will have you premoted, to become a veteran, you must be in the guild for a long time, and to become an officer you must pass a test. Don't forget our rules: 1) Respect everyone 2) Be active 3) Don't forget to donate 4) Have fun! Some people you can contact if you want to join this guild are Superwtf, Slakra, Mr-Hellmen, Toacoy, and Shadow-Berzerker. We always got room for one more Lord!

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