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Lords Of Pain
File:GuildLogo-Lords Of Pain.png

We are the Lords of Pain.

Guild Founder: Stevacar
Approx. Population: 55 (Note: we had the big kick)
Guild Master(s):
  • Lacmancar
  • Chamberjr
  • Ogiknight
  • Thelamaking
  • Infectedgoat

About Lords of Pain

We are a casual guild that like hanging around doing jelly king, roarmulus twin and vanaduke runs all the time. We recently decided that we needed to be more active and get a better reputation, so we are now making sure all members of the guild are on at least once a month unless they mail one of us guild masters.


Lords of Pain has never really been well known, and has only grown bigger ever since I (Chamberjr) became a guild master. Anyway, lets start in chronological order. When the guild was created by Stevacar, he invited 2 friends, Lacmancar and someone else. They were the only 3 people in the guild, and since most people either had or didn't want a guild, the guild grew to only 15 people. Stevacar was serious about promotions, so he organised a test where you have to get 5 questions right about Spiral Knights, and then you'd be promoted to a vetran. I joined the guild at this time, a newbie who had just started the game, wanting advice from others. Lacmancar sent me a guild request, and I accepted joyfully.

In the next two weeks, I scrolled down to see who was in our guild. And to my horror, I saw that Lacmancar was the only guild master left. The others have left. That day Lacmancar called a few people into the guild hall, one at a time. One of those people was me. He promoted the whole guild, trying to find someone that would be a guild master with him. He chose on me and another person called Bozy, who unfortunately isn't in the guild now but we hope will come back. (N.B. BOZY IS BACK!!!)

When I became a guild master, I felt that I should contribute to the guild and recruit lots of people. That's how the guild grew. And grew. All the way from a feeble 20 to a massive 95. (It took about 1 or 2 months.) From the moment I was a guild master, I've been happily sitting in the guild's second in command chair. And I still am.


As a casual guild, we don't have many rules. But we still do have some, like all guilds:

1. No begging. Begging is bad in 3 ways: 1. Bad for you. People hate you. 2. Bad for us. People hate us. 3. bad for the person you are begging for stuff from. You're wasting his time.

2. No being annoying. It's not a good thing.

3. No scamming or making people waste energy. Or I'll scam you.

4. No power abuse. Just because you're an officer, it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Guild masters and Lacmancar, the head, have the first say unless it's DESPERATELY urgent. (E.g. He's hacking some guy, scamming in front of you, etc.)

5. No being a saddo. Not cool.


Ranks aren't much in this guild, but people still look up to the people above them, even from a recruit to member. This is how to get promoted:

Recruit: Join. Easy.

Member: Tier 2, Solo Snarbolax, or being trusted a bit more.

Vetren: Pass the 'Test of hell' that I created (a much harder version of Stevacar's tests), Done JK and RT and soloed one of them, Tier 3, or be trusted even more.

Officer: Be very trusted. Maybe if you soloed Vanaduke, then we'd let you be officer, but as you now have powers, it's more about trust.

Guild Master: Be the ultimate trusted guy. To get to guild master, you have to have 5/5 votes from the guild masters. OPTION 2: Pass the 'Test of Hell's Hell' which is a ultimately hard test made by me. Nobody has ever got one question right on it so far. (Apart from Dragninja, but they were the easy section.)

How to Join

To join, mail me (Chamberjr) or Lacmancar and state your gear, why you want to join and what bosses you've done or soloed. We will see if we can accept you.

Secondary Guild

Now that Lords of Pain is almost filled up, we are thinking about creating another Lords of Pain guild as a secondary guild.



Guild Founder: Non-existant guild
Approx. Population: 0
Guild Master(s):
  • Will be Infectedgoat

We are currently discussing the secondary guild. If you have seggestions, contact me or Lacmancar.


I am now hold events every now any again. They will take place some time on Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons or evenings GMT. When I call the guild that there's an event taking place at the guild hall, everyone who wants to take part goes there, and we do stuff. Some events have awards for achievment.

Guild Events
File:GuildLogo-Guild Events.png

We like guild events.

Guild Founder: Chamberjr
Approx. Population: 5
Guild Master(s):
  • Chamberjr

First Ever Event Award:

Date: 23/3/12

Event: Racing

Host: Chamberjr

Participants: Losvi, Infectedchicken, Thesamurai

Rating of the entry donations: 0.25/10

Spiral Quiz Day 1:

Date: 24/3/12

Event: Spiral Knowledge

Host: Chamberjr

Participants: Thelamaking, Dragninja, Losvi, Infectedchicken

Rating of entry donations: 1/10

Hide and Seek Trial:

Date: 2/4/12

Event: Hide and Seek

Host: Chamberjr

Participants: Poisontrigger, Sgtpyrosandwich, Fhilos, Fazendas, Infectedgoat (Helped spectate as he joined late)

Rating of entry donations: 0.75/10

Examples of Events

Racing: Race around a chosen place on a chosen path chosen by me.

Raffle: A lot of people means FUN raffle. The excitement when you wins 100k crowns one day can't be waited for, can it? (I doubt anybody in the guild has 100k cr)

Hide and seek: Chosen people (or person) is set aloose through Haven. They can go anywhere in Haven they like, but they cannot leave it. Can they survive untouched in the time limit?

Spiral Knowledge: You have been told of how hard my tests are, right? This is a competition of the tests of mine. Expect to die.

Survival of the Fittest: Hide and seek, but it's my rules. Everything is mine. You have no chance of winning. I will chase you and kill you. Nobody will be left alive.

Spilympics: A knock-out tournament of one or more types of event. There is only one way to victory. Win.

Banned people (A.K.A. Be named and shamed. >:D)

Banned people:



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