Lost Soul (SotA-TON 1) Dialogue/The Obsidian Nexus

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Lost Soul
What's this? Another soul ripe for harvest by the Apocrea?
  • What is this place and what are you talking about?
Lost Soul
You, curious traveler, stand in the Obsidian Nexus, realm of the Apocrea. You will likely never see the sun again.
  • What do you mean? Who are the Apocrea?
Lost Soul
The Apocrea are stuff of nightmares: a terrible legion of otherworldly phantasms whose only ambition seems to be trapping and devouring the souls of all life.

Though you may venture beyond this nexus, you will undoubtedly fall into one of their traps along the way.
  • Tell me about these traps.
Lost Soul
The Apocrea bend reality, twisting the environment they invade into a trap. In these traps they stalk any life, harvesting their souls for some unimaginable purpose.
  • I won't let them take me so easily.
Lost Soul
You don't understand, do you? You simply don't have a choice.
  • End conversation
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