Lost Soul (SotA-TON 2) Dialogue/The Obsidian Nexus

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Lost Soul
What's this? You still have your body. Perhaps you can help us.
  • Who are you?
Lost Soul
I'm just another soul hiding from the gaze of the Apocrea. But I refuse to give up. Until they find me, I will do anything I can to save another soul from my fate.
  • How can I help?
Lost Soul
Soon you will find yourself in one of the traps set by the Apocrea. If you are powerful enough to escape then you may be able to save some of the other lost souls along the way.
  • I will try. Tell me what to do.
Lost Soul
Lost souls trapped by the Apocrea are bound to the realities they have created. Find the lost souls and free them from the bonds of the Apocrea.
  • Continue
Lost Soul
Once freed you will collect an Apocrean Sigil as proof of your deed. Bring these to me and my friend here will reward you with special treasures I have collected during my time in this world. You can use these items to craft rare and powerful items using that obelisk of creation over there.
  • I will do my best.
Lost Soul
Good luck to you. Travel swiftly and avoid their grasp.
  • End conversation.
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