Lost Soul of Almire (nameless) Dialogue/Alone in the Dark

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Lost Soul of Almire
(You see the Lost Soul of Almire standing before you. In his face you see a profound sadness. Staring beyond you he begins to speak without introduction.)

Lord Vanaduke brought the fire from the mountains to our kingdom. Everything burned. His enemies. Even his family.

My family was lost too. I fled the battle as soon as I saw the wave of flames in the distance. I was able to reach my home just in time to see it burn. I don't even remember how it ended. I have no memory of my passing.
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Lost Soul of Almire
Lord Vanaduke rules over the citadel now. His soul bound to some horrific armored prison.

He has the citadel ready for battle at all times, believing that his kingdom is still under siege. He doesn't even realize that what he is trying to protect was lost a thousand years ago.
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Lost Soul of Almire
Should you attempt to enter the citadel and manage to reach the throne room, please, end his suffering. Allow the souls he keeps bound to this world a chance to return to their loved ones.

And one more thing- I've heard that some kind of force of nature had once tried to right his wrongs but Lord Vanaduke imprisoned it somewhere within his fortress. Finding and freeing it may prove useful.
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Lost Soul of Almire
(The lost soul continues to stare beyond you, saying nothing.)
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