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One of the largest and most unappreciated parts of Spiral Knights is trading. Trading is done by many people to gain that just out of reach item or sell a couple more crowns. A thoughtful knight can make a fortune of buying and selling.


Energy is similar to a stock market. The price rises and falls based on people's buying and selling. The whole gist of gaining crowns through this market is to buy low, sell high. Around the 6000~6500 range, the CE market is considered to be at an "inflation", meaning that CE is plentiful and cheap. Around the 6750~7500 range, the CE market is considered to be "on the rise". Although selling 100 CE at this point will net around 1000 crowns, merchants can risk waiting for an deflation. At the 7500+ range, the CE market has hit "deflation". The rewards of selling 100 CE (if bought during an inflation) will net somewhere around usually 2000~4000 crowns. The market periods usually last around 2-4 months. Do note that prices fluctuate, so not every increase in the price will mean a deflation.


Energy is most used in this game to provide access to different dungeons. However, they can be more effectively used in crafting. 2* swords and armor provide a steady business and can provide large amounts of money. Be reasonable with pricing or no one will bid. Also spread out when you put items for sale two aren't being bid on at the same time. This will decrease the amount of money earned for both.

Higher level items may be crafted as well, but this runs the risk of no UV's for a weapon you won't even use.

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