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We are more than a guild, we are a community.

Guild Founder: Kryptix, Sypherf, Tengu
Approx. Population: 60
Guild Master(s):

Kryptix, Omeglion, Reinke


Icon-settings.png About Us

Mitternacht was founded three friends had left a failing guild, and wanted a fresh start. After a short time being guild-less, they quickly created a new guild and started recruiting friends. Mitternacht's philosophy of being a close-knit community is what has allowed it to continue to this day. We are always on the look for new talent and welcome all who are interested to join our family.

Icon-forge.png Core Values

These values are the foundation of our guild.

  • Community
  • Skill
  • Maturity
  • Friendship

Icon-event hub.png Rules

The rules that all members of our community must abide by. We pride ourselves in our maturity and the camaraderie we have for one another.

  • Treat all players with respect.
  • Be an active member in-game and on the forums.
  • Help others when you can.
  • Just have fun.

Icon-mail.png Recruitment Contacts

Contact any of the members below to be invited into the guild.

Amanzi Korellix Mezuka Sevinoss
Frozen-Fire Kryptix Omeglion Swampback
Gist Kxdx Randomzz  

Icon-help.png Recruitment

Below is what we are looking for in a recruit:

  • Someone who is social and willing to learn.
  • Someone who wants to be involved with the guild.
  • Someone who has respect for others and wants to build friendships.

To be recruited into the guild, contact any of the officers above.

Icon-gear.png Rank Requirements


After filling out an application to be considered, you will need to run the Firestorm Citadel with a Guild Master on Elite.


Have proved your dedication and voted in by the Officers. Must have a full 5* loadout.


Proven yourself as a dedicated recruit as well as registered on our site. Will need to post a thread in the "New Member Orientation" forum.

Icon-mail.png Benefits

We offer many benefits to our members who join. Most of the interaction with our members is done on our growing website. You can talk with your fellow members through XAT Chat, or even though Team Speak. Join the conversations in the forums, which covers more than just Spiral Knights. You are welcome to participate in the other games that Mitternacht supports, such as Minecraft. We occasionally run contests and raffles for members to join in for prizes. The primary benefit you'll receive when joining is is the camaraderie we all share. We aren't just a guild, we are a community.

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