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This dialogue occurs if Morlin is spoken to at the end of 2-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Angels from Antiquity. If The Lab is entered from the Haven Garrison and the next rank missions are incomplete, the dialogue remains available:

Once again these sprites seem to have adapted their form to suit their surrounding environment.
  • What have they become this time?
It's unclear, PLAYERNAME. Given Rhendon's report, I'd say they learned something from the old arcane tomes you discovered near these sprites. Fascinating that they appear to have adapted their combat abilities because of this.
  • Are you saying these sprites learned magic spells from an old book?
Yes, it seems that these sprites have mastered the ability to focus their powers on skills that protect their knight. Given that and their appearance I've dubbed them 'seraphynx.'
  • Clever.
Yes I know. Anyway I also understand that some of the transport crates were empty again. Something is not right...

Now then, secure that last cache of sprites before whatever is stealing sprites finds it!
  • I'm on my way. (Ends conversation)
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