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This dialogue occurs if Morlin is spoken to at the end of 2-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: The Phantom Mask. If The Lab is entered from the Haven Garrison and the next rank missions are incomplete, the dialogue remains available:

Discoveries on the planet grow stranger by the day. Now our sprites are adapting the form of some kind of phantom.
  • They look like living shadows.
Yes, quite. These sprites have adapted the power to cloak, to use the very shadows around them for subterfuge. Between that and their newfound skills in toxins and debilitations, I'd say they could be quite handy on the battlefield.
  • I assume you've named them as well?
Why yes, given their outward appearance I think 'maskeraith' suits them nicely!
  • Charming.
Your sarcasm has been noted.

Now then, about those empty sprite transport crates; we have confirmed foul play.
  • Give me the details.
A recon squad has reported a large construct monster the likes of which we've never seen before making off with several battle sprites. We believe the gremlins to be behind it all.
  • I'll put an end to their scheme.
I admire your courage but if initial reports of this construct monster are accurate, you'll need some additional help. I'll prepare a selection of battle sprites to be ready for bonding to you, PLAYERNAME. We'll talk again once I've made the proper preparations.
  • See you soon, Morlin.
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