Obsidian Prize Box Promotion June 2018

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Obsidian Prize Box Promotion

During the Obsidian Prize Box Promotion, players may purchase a "prize box" gift from the Supply Depot between the posting of this announcement and 11:59 PM PST on June 17, 2018.

After making an Obsidian Prize Box purchase from the Supply Depot, your prize box will be available to open from the Usable section of your Arsenal. Available prize box items include...

  • Apocrean Disciple Wings
  • Apocrean Crowns
  • Obsidian Mantles
  • Obsidian Hoods
  • Shadow Accessories

About Prize Boxes

Prize Boxes are a special type of in-game Lockbox item that do not require a Silver Key to open. Prize Boxes can contain more than one item. Prize Boxes are stored in the Usable tab of your character's Arsenal, and can be opened by right-clicking them and selecting the "Open" option.

Prize Box Distribution and Value

All eligible purchases will receive a prize box containing at least one (1) item, but the distribution is arbitrary, regardless of the amount of the transaction or the frequency with which purchases are made. The probability of receiving a specific item is always the same, regardless of how many purchases you make during the promotional period.

The distribution of probabilities for the bonus items included within the Obsidian Prize Boxes will be as follows:

  • 97% chance for one of the following costume items:
    • Obsidian Hood of Rituals
    • Obsidian Mantle of Rituals
    • Obsidian Hood of Sight
    • Obsidian Mantle of Sight
    • Obsidian Hood of Influence
    • Obsidian Mantle of Influence
    • Obsidian Hood of Devotion
    • Obsidian Mantle of Devotion
  • 2% chance for the following accessory:
    • Apocrean Crown
  • 1% chance for the following accessory:
    • Apocrean Disciple Wings
  • Plus a bonus chance for even more prizes:
    • 25% chance for all Obsidian Prize Boxes to also contain Shadow Accessories

All contents of the Obsidian Prize Box are delivered unbound. Grey Havens offers no substitutions for these items.

If you are unable to retrieve your prize box or have any questions, please contact us through the Support Form so we can resolve the problem. Thanks!

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