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Guild Founder: Planet-Devastation & The-Restless
Approx. Population: 95

Guild Officer(s):
  • Leoneno
  • Kerrap
  • Nightmare-Zero
  • Emeraldshadows
  • Threeninesix

About Us

Legend has it that an evil, dark day was impending upon a guild. It wasn’t just any guild; it was a group of close knit friends, a family you could say. Massive destruction, heart ache and tears loomed in the air. Fear and uncertainty were everywhere and felt by all. There were no leaders. Their home was gone. Many thought it was the end of time. They found themselves alone, as if the Skylark crash had happened all over again leaving them stranded on Cradle once again.

Little did anyone know that during those baneful days, an Ominous and ever-present force was growing from the ranks within. It stirred and turned. It swirled and rose from the ashes of its past with all its strength, courage and power. It would not be defeated and it would become the cement that held that family together then and into the future. At last, a new day and a new home was born. They prevailed and would live on forever.

That Ominous force vowed; to stay strong and survive, to protect every member and ensure their safety and well being, to educate and prepare all to be strong and to be able to lead in the future. They also sought to make everyone happy and feel that they were part of the family. That they would be loved and cared for at all times. They made sure that each and every member mattered.

To this very day some say they can still hear that Ominous force on a sunny spring afternoon, a cold winters night or a rainy September morning yelling, from some hollow not too distant realm, “I’ll get the crowns” or “Use the Barbarous Thorn Shield”.

Today we, the Ominous Guild, are still that ominous force. We carry out that vow and all the traditions that were carved into the clockworks walls so long ago.

What kind of knights are we looking for?

Those who are mature and who are respectful towards other knights. Ones who would be fun and friendly towards other members. They would be committed to the guild and eager to help other members.


1) The Knight's Code of Conduct/Terms of Service must always be followed.

2) You represent Ominous. This means you will not be inappropriate, even outside of the guild.

3) Ominous guild members will be friendly, kind and helpful, when able, in the guild and the Spiral Knights community.

4) There is no begging of any kind.

5) You must actively play Spiral Knights.

6) Donate to the guild treasury. We encourage you to donate crowns every week. We trust that you will understand why your guild needs those donations. We will not use force or beg for them. (Read rule 2 and 3.)

7) Officers and GM’s interpret and enforce the rules. They have the right to change rules when necessary and to temporarily create rules if a particular situation requires it. No arguments or challenges to the rules or the enforcement of them will be tolerated.

8) Have fun.


Recruitment status = Open to T2-T3 knights

Applications can be submitted in person or sent by mail to any guild officer or GM.


1) What is your in-game name?

2) Why do you want to join Ominous?

3) How often do you play spiral knights?

4) Do you play Lockdown or Blast network?

5) What time zone are you in?

6) If you join, do you promise to be friendly, kind and helpful when able?

List of Members

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