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A tapestry often seen in Candlestick Keeps.

Owlites are a rare species of "magician birds" that are mentioned in the flavor text and names of Owlite Feather and Owlite Shield (and its alchemy path). They were known for their wisdom and for their knowledge and strength involving elemental powers. During an unknown time, Margrel, the great Kat Tribe hero opened the Book of Grey Feathers and brought about the Kataclysm: An event that destroyed not only the Owlites but the Kat-tribe as well.

It is unknown if any Owlites still exist.

Owlite Academy

The Owlite Academy, a once prosperous institution of the wise Owlites that pursued the advancement of goodly magical arts. — Nick, "What's in Development" August 2011

The Owlite Academy was a place where wise Owlite Scholars studied and practiced good magic. It is filled with magical ward candles, which can be lit by orbs of flame, and various libraries, chambers, and treasures. However, Spookats were driven to destroy the Owlites that worked in the Academy, and now all that remains are empty shelves and ward candles. The Academy was transformed into a place of darkness, now home to Spookats and Grimalkins alike. Knights now refer to this Academy, as well as its respective wings, as Candlestick Keep.

Blue Owlite Ward Candles emit light waves that deter Grimalkins.

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Usable-Owlite Archaeology Box icon.png Owlite Archaeology Box:

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