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Plunge Box Promotion

During the Plunge Box Promotion, players may purchase a "prize box package" between the posting of this article 11:59 PM PST June 10, 2024. This promotion is open to players using whichever payment method they prefer (including credit card, PayPal, Paymentwall and checks and money orders). Payments from Boku (mobile phone payments) cannot be accepted for these prize box packages. Prize boxes can only be purchased on their own and are not included with purchases of energy. You can be certain that your purchase qualifies if a Splash icon.png shows up in the package description on the billing page when you go to make your purchase.

Your prize box will be redeemable on any one character associated with your account. After making a purchase, your prize boxes should be delivered to you via an in-game mail from Spiral HQ. If you made your purchase while logged in to the game, you may need to log out and back on again for it to appear. All items found inside a Plunge Box are delivered unbound. Available prize box items include....

  • Splash Costume Armors
  • Deadly Charcoalers
  • Spiral Soakers
  • Furious Forks
  • Soaked Auras

About Prize Boxes

Prize Boxes are a special type of in-game Lockbox item that do not require a Silver Key to open. Prize Boxes are stored in the Usable tab of your character's Arsenal, and can be opened by right-clicking them and selecting the "Open" option.

Promotion Details

  • Purchase must be made between the posting of this article and 11:59 PM PST June 10, 2024.
  • Plunge Boxes may be purchased for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95. Prize boxes can only be purchased on their own and are not included with purchases of energy.


It is important to note that some PayPal payment options can take several days to clear. All purchases must clear during the promotion period for them to be eligible for prize boxes. If the payment clears after the promotion period, it will not be successful. Bank transfers and eChecks are the most common form of "delayed" payment.

Checks & Money Orders

Checks and Money Order purchases must be issued by US banks and must be postmarked by the last day of the promotion, June 10, 2024. Payments postmarked after June 10, 2024 will not receive prize boxes.

Collecting Your Prize Box

Your prize boxes will be delivered to you via an in-game mail from "Spiral HQ".

Prize Box Distribution and Value

All eligible purchases will receive a prize box containing one (1) item, but the distribution is arbitrary, regardless of the amount of the transaction or the frequency with which purchases are made. The probability of receiving a specific item is always the same, regardless of how many purchases you make during the promotional period.

The distribution of probabilities for the bonus items included within the Plunge Prize Boxes will be as follows:

<1% chance for the following:

  • Soaked Aura

20% chance for one of the following:

  • Deadly Charcoaler
  • Spiral Soaker
  • Furious Fork

80% chance for one of the following:

  • Ancient Splash Trunks
  • Dazed Splash Trunks
  • Electric Splash Trunks
  • Frosty Splash Trunks
  • Glacial Splash Trunks
  • Hunter Splash Trunks
  • Lovely Splash Trunks
  • Hallow Splash Trunks
  • Polar Splash Trunks
  • Surge Splash Trunks
  • Verdant Splash Trunks
  • Vile Splash Trunks
  • Ancient Splash Sarong
  • Dazed Splash Sarong
  • Electric Splash Sarong
  • Frosty Splash Sarong
  • Glacial Splash Sarong
  • Hunter Splash Sarong
  • Lovely Splash Sarong
  • Hallow Splash Sarong
  • Polar Splash Sarong
  • Surge Splash Sarong
  • Verdant Splash Sarong
  • Vile Splash Sarong

Each Splash Prize Box also has a 15% chance for some Bucket of Bloons.

Grey Havens offers no substitutions for these items. These items have no cash or redemption value with Grey Havens and cannot be returned for a discount.

If you are unable to retrieve your prize box or have any questions, please contact us through the Support Form so we can resolve the problem.

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