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To live is to die and prosper.

Guild Founder: Polarislockdown
Approx. Population: 40
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):
  • Mrtofeeq
  • Silver-Light

Guild Info

Welcome to Professional! We welcome all of Spiral knights to join us! We are friendly, helpful, and active. If you need any help or have any questions the trustworthy GMs and officers will immediately help. We will make you into a professional!

We are a very laid back and relaxed guild that normally does tier 2 and 3 runs. We recruit anyone who is mature and of any gear. Polarislockdown is our guild founder. Iyen has also contributed in the founding of this guild. Guycecil and I, Dragby are the main wiki editors of this guild page. :D

Guild History

Not much is known about our secretive guild, except that our goal is to help out the Spiral Knight's community and wear fancy chapeaus.

Guild Notice Board

  • Attention: We are now only accepting Tier 3 members(With some exceptions). Those who are not tier 3 but are already in the guild may stay.

IMPORTANT! Guild Master, Dragby is Leaving "Professional" to join valkyrie Knights on the invite of its founder, Whitelancer. However, He will be editing this wiki page. Dragby's Alt, Descendants, Shall take over his role of GM.

How to Join?


  • Must have at least 4 star gear and be able to go on a run (as many players as you like with at least an officer accompanying you) Snarbolax, Roarmulus Twins and Jelly King, without reviving at all.
  • You must (be able) log in frequently.
  • Have a good character(to be acessed my Guild Masters)

If you think that you have all those requirements, All you have to do is,

  • Mail either Polarislockdown, Guycecil Or me, Dragby, a message saying why you want to join 'Professional' (Preferbaly, mail Dragby as he is the most active among the Guild Masters).
  • Also in your mail, Please include your tier and what gear you have(Normally use).
  • Please also tell us how often are you online, and which country you are from(So we can know the timezone).

And thats it! if you followed these steps, you can wait for us to plow through our inbox and consider you application! :D

Guild Rules

There aren't a lot of rules but the rules we do have are strictly enforced. These are the rules of the guild:

1. No begging! Begging can be quite annoying and can also be disruptive to our guild. This means no begging for promotion as well. if you are caught begging towards otther players, you will be demoted or put on our "To be Dismissed" list.

2. No spamming! No repeatedly typing on all chats. ( Guild chat, Officer Chat, normal Chat, etc.)

3. Help each other! Be friendly to guild members, guild masters and officers and to other players too! Offer Help! If you need help, request nicely and politely.

4. Be active! We dont want inactive members! Try to log in as often as possible.( Without Activity for 2 weeks will be considered inactive. if you plan to be inactive because of real life issiues, Inform us first.)

5. Have fun! Relax and enjoy the game; and the company of fellow players!

6. No Vulgar Language No Vulgar language is allowed in the guild or anywhere for that matter. If you are found using vulgar language, you will removed PERMANENTLY from the guild and a report will be submitted to the administrators.

Guild Ranking

This section informs you on how we promote/ demote members of our guild.

  • Recruit

Anyone can be a recruit.

  • Member

To become a member, you must stay active within the guild for a minimum of 1 week without breaking any of the abovementioned rules.

  • Officer

To become an Officer, you must be hand-picked by the Guild Masters. Being Loyal, mature and helpful are qualities we are looking for.

  • Guild Master

To become a Guild Master, You must be deemed worthy of becoming one and existing Guild Masters will have to vote for you.You must already be an officer beforehand. We are Currently not accepting anymore Guild Masters.

  • Breaking rules/having too many complaints will earn you a demotion, can be done only by GMs

  • (temporary) next to a name means that it needs the approval of the Guild Leader

Guild Roster

-Guild Leader-

  • Polarislockdown

Polaris.png Our leader, you must obey

-Guild Masters-

Guycecil.png herpus derpus

  • Iyen

Iyen.png one of the founding GMs

Dragby.png one of Iyen's good pals( Also Known as Descendants ) "Nom Nom Nom"

Guild Ranking Chart

     ~Guild Founder~          |
    -PolarisLockdown-         |
           |                  |
           |                  |
          /|\                 |
         / | \                |--- Governs The Entire Guild. Able To Kick, Invite And Promote Guild Members.
        /  |  \               |
     ~Guild Masters~          |
        -Dragby-              |
       -Guycecil-             |
         -Iyen-             __|
         / | \
        /  |  \
       /   |   \            __
       ~Officers~             |
       -Mrtofeeq-             |--- Moderates The Guild. Able to Invite Players With Guild Master's Consent.
     -Silver-Light-         __|

Guild Trivia

1. Guild Master, Dragby is not in the guild photo. (Top of page)

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