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This category includes items that have been advocated via promotions.

Various promotional items have been released throughout the history of Spiral Knights to further encourage Energy purchases, expand the current appearance selection for knights, run alongside a particular real-life or ingame event, or simply as goodwill from the developers. Most of these items are tradeable.

As of June 20th 2012, Promotional Items are delivered via Prize Boxes. These sealed boxes give a random item from the promotional prize list and do not require a key to open. This gives players a uniform method to calculate the worth of their Energy Purchase.

As of August 21st 2013, Promotional Items and Prize Boxes are purchasable with Energy directly from the Supply Depot, and no longer come free with select Energy Purchases.

Some of these items are promotional and available via event gameplay (example: this was the case with the Frosty Prize Box). See individual pages for details. As a rule of thumb, if an item was ever promoted regarding real-world currency or energy packages in any way, it should be in this category.

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