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Click the energy meter located under the inventory menu to access the energy depot.

The Energy Depot is, put simply, a place to buy and sell energy. It can be bought with real money from Grey Havens, or bought and sold for crowns from other players. The Energy Depot can be accessed by opening your inventory and clicking on the energy meter, or by interacting with a Stranger with the energy symbol on his mask.

Note that one cannot use crowns to directly purchase energy from Grey Havens, as energy only enters the game through the energy purchase interface, and occasionally through Game Master hosted events such as lotteries.

Energy Depot Options


The "Purchase" tab

The Purchase tab in the Energy Depot allows you to purchase energy with real money through various payment methods, including credit card and PayPal. Credit card payments are completed in the game screen. Other payment methods will take you to a secure billing website. These rates are fixed, and will not change without Grey Havens offering a discount. This is the only way for players to introduce more energy into the game's economy.


The "Trade" tab

The Trade tab allows you to buy or sell crowns and energy instantly, only using the current best offers on the market. These prices are posted by other players in the Market tab, so the rates are not constant. For every trade, the player selling the energy pays a 2% tax (rounded up to the next whole crown) from the crowns.

This tab is for people who want instant satisfaction, and don't care much for the market.


The "Market" tab

The Market tab allows you to post your own offers for how many crowns you want to pay for 100 energy (left), or how many crowns you want for your energy (right). After entering how much you'd like to pay, or get, for 100 energy, you can adjust how many times you'd like to make the same transaction (the same tax applies). Offers that are not filled immediately appear on the screen under 'My Offers.' If an offer is not filled in 10 days, it is automatically canceled.

Once you post an offer, the crowns or energy are removed from your inventory to be held until someone else accepts your offer or you cancel your offer. You can cancel unaccepted offers by clicking on the red X next to the specific offer in your posted offers list. Canceling an unaccepted offer will instantly refund your crowns or energy that were being held for that offer.

The Market is highly susceptible to supply and demand. When enough players want more crowns and have enough energy, the cost of energy will drop, and players will get less crowns for their energy. If enough players are running low on energy, the costs of energy will rise. In other words, players can take advantage of this market to acquire more energy and crowns without actually playing, or lose it all.

Grey Havens does not in any way directly influence the prices at the market.

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